Friday, August 13, 2021

The (Virtual) Peripatetic Pensioner - Stage 108 of the "Tour de Rellies" - Melk to Linz

I have just returned to my virtual world after flying off in the real world for a trip to Ontario.

145.2 km  -  103 km = 42.2 km (banked)

1.  Wiener Strasse, Melk

2. Nibelungenlande, Melk

3.  Donau Bundesstrasse, Marbach an der Donau

4.  Osterreichische Romantikstrasse, Sankt Nikola an der Donau

5.  Donau Bundesstrasse, Grein

6.  Osterreichsche Romantikstrasse bridge across the Danube.

7.  Steyregger Brucke, Linz

8.  Goethestrasse, Linz

9.  Hessenplatz, Linz

10.  The Park Inn, my virtual stay in Linz

11.  The Main Square, Linz

12.  Lentos Kustmuseum, Linz