Saturday, May 30, 2020

The (Virtual) Peripatetic Pensioner - Stage 23 of the "Tour de Rellies" - Rose's to St. Andrews

Maps from Google Maps and all images from Street View.

166.1 km/102.7 mi. -  46.8 km/29.1 mi.  = 118.3 km./73 mi. (banked)

1.  In the Forfar countryside

2.   The A93

3.  The B9127, with Kinnetles castle to the left

4.  Kinnetles Castle

5Google Maps sent me here?  

6.  After a while the road improved

7.  But not for long

8.  The A90

9.  The Black Watch Memorial, just off the A90

10.  The A929 in Dundee

11.  The Forfar Road in Dundee

12.   The Tay Road Bridge

13.  Just about across the Tay Road Bridge

14.  The A914

15.  St. Michael's Inn on the A919

16.  Ye Olde Hotel, Leuchars

17.  Links Crescent, St. Andrews

18.  St. Andrews Old Course

19.  The British Golf Museum, St. Andrews

20.  St. Salvatore Church on North Street, St. Andrews

21.  A closer look at St. Salvatore

22.  Inside St. Salvatore

23.  Martyr's Kirk Research Library

24.  Inside Martyr's Kirk Research Library

25.  South Castle Street, St. Andrews

26.  St. Andrews Castle

27.  St. Andrews Cathedral

28.  St. Andrews Beach

29.  The Inn at Kingsbarne, my virtual stay in the countryside outside St. Andrews

The (Virtual) Peripatetic Pensioner - Stage 22 of the "Tour de Rellies" - Perth to Rose's Place

Maps from Google Maps and all images from Street View.

128 km/79.5 mi. (banked)  -  77.2 km/48 mi.  =  50.8 km/31,6 mi. (banked)

1.  York Street with the former Church of the Nazarene, converted to a community center

 2.  A85 Bridge over the River Tay

3.  Gates to Scone Palace Grounds


4.  Scone Palace

5.   Inside Scone Palaca

6.  Scone Palace Chapel

7.  Quarymill Woodland Path

8.  Another view of Quarymill Path

9.   Scone Old Parish Church

10.  The Kinnersinn, A94, Scone

11.  Collace Road

12.   Gates to Glamis Castle

13.  Glamis Castle

14.  Bellies Brae, Kirremuir

15.  Tillyloss, Florence's Street -- not sure which house

16.   Forfar Road, near Kirremuir

17.  Farntoun Bed and Breakfast, Forfar

18.  Rose's House?  The location matches the postal code on Google Maps

Thursday, May 28, 2020

The (Virtual) Peripatetic Pensioner - Stage 21 of the "Tour de Rellies" - Edinburgh to Perth

Maps from Google Maps and all images from Street View.

128 km/79.5 mi. (banked)  -  77.2 km/48 mi.  =  50.8 km/31,6 mi. (banked)

1.  Queen Street, Edinburgh

2.   Hanover Street, Edinburgh

3.  George Street, Edinburgh

4.  Scott Memorial, Edinburgh

5.   Hollyrood Palace, Edinburgh

6.  Inside Hollyrood Abbey, Edinburgh

7.   Arthur's Seat, Edinburgh

8.  Edinburgh Castle from Princess Street

9.   Footbridge over the River Almond, Edinburgh

10.  Main Street, Dalmeny

11.  Forth Road  Bridge

12.  Bicycle Path, Dunfermline

13.   Bicycle Path at Townline

14.  Blairdam Wood

15.  Turning off the B9097

16.  High Street, Kinross

17.  South Street, Milnathort

18.  Greenbank Road, Glenfarg

19.  Near Fildie Burn

20.  Heidl Guesthouse, my virtual stay in Perth