Friday, June 26, 2020

The (Virtual) Peripatetic Pensioner - Stage 35 of the "Tour de Rellies" - Beverly to Lincoln

Maps from Google Maps and all images from Street View.

110.6 km/68.7 mi.  -  88.2 km/54.8 mi.  =   22.4 km/13.9 mi. (banked)

1.  The B1230 in Beverly

2.  Victoria Road - Lincoln Way bicycle path

3.  The A164, crossing the A1079

4.  Main Street, Willerby

5.  The A15 bridge over the River Humber

6.  Humber Bridge Park bicycle path

7.  The White Swan pub on the B128 in Barton-Upon-Humber

8.  The Wilderspin National School Museum in Barton-Upon-Humber

9.  Inside the Wilderspin National School Museum

10.  The Old Mill pub, Barton-Upon-Humber

11.  Entrance to the Baysgarth House Museum, Barton-Upon-Humber

12.  Inside the Baysgarth House Museum

13.  Burnham Road, Deepdale

14.  St. Nicholas Church, Searby Cum Owmby

15.  Smithfield Road

16.  The B1434 Holton le Moor

17.  The B1202 and Holy Rood Church in Market Rasen

18.  George Street (A1601) Market Rasen

19.  Station Road, Wickenby

20.  St. Peter and St. Lawrence Church, Station Road, Wickenby

21.  The Bottle and Glass Pub, Scothorn

22.  Church Lane, Lincoln

23.  Newport Court, Lincoln

24.  Bailgate, Lincoln

25.  The Cathedral View Guest House, my virtual stay in Lincoln

26.  Northgate with Lincoln Cathedral

27.  The West Front of Lincoln Cathedral

28.  Inside Lincoln Cathedral

29.  The Chapter House of Lincoln Cathedral

30.  Inside the Chapter House

31.  The Pottergate Arch, Lincoln

32.  The Jew's House, Danes Terrace, Lincoln

33.  The Guildhall on High Street, Lincoln

34.  Lincoln Castle

Monday, June 22, 2020

The (virtual) Peripatetic Pensioner - Stage 34 of the "Tour de Rellies" -- York to Beverly

Maps from Google Maps and all images from Street View.

75.2 km/46.7 mi.  -  57.9 km/36 mi.  =   17.2 km/10.7 mi. (banked)

1.  The A1036, York

2.  Abermarle Road, York

3.  Start of the bicycle path at Butcher Road

4.  The Millenium Bridge over the River Ouse, York

5.  The A1079

6.  Sand Lane

7.  Feofee Lane

8.  The B126 in Pockington, with All Saints Church on the left

9.  Spring Road

10.  Main Street, Etton

11.  Main Street, Cherry Burton, with All Angels' Church on the right

12.  New Bar Without Road, Beverly

13.  Another view down New Bar Without Road, Beverly

14.  St. Mary's Church, Beverly

15.  Minster Moorgate Road, with Beverly Minster in the background

16.  Beverly Minster

17.  Inside Beverly Minster

18.  Inside Beverly Minster

19.  Minster Garth Guest House, my virtual stay in Beverly and next to Beverly Minster