Saturday, December 09, 2006

December 11-15

If you have the time and inclination, the Ministry of Education is asking for feedback on the current Social Studies curriculum from teachers, students and parents. If you are interested in getting your two bits in, go to the following website and type away:

History 12

Keep working as per the assigned package. Remember, Essay #3 is due during the last week of December, questions #1-42 are also due on Thursday, Dec. 21 (20 marks), questions 43-89 ar due on Monday, January 22 (20 marks) and an in-class essay will be written on a topic prepared in advance on Tuesday, January 23.

  • Monday December 11 - Complete Decolonization - India; Begin the Middle East to 1956.
  • Tuesday, December 12 - Complete the Middle East to 1956. Begin the Cuban Missile Crisis.
  • Wednesday, December 13 - Complete the Cuban Missile Crisis. AV on the Crisis. If time, AV on Indian Independence.
  • Thursday, December 14 - Deterrence and Nuclear War.
  • Friday, December 15 - Complete Deterrence and Nuclear War. AV on Nucelar War from Gwynne Dyer's War series. If time, and if available: If You Love This Planet.

Comparative Civilizations 12

Man the Measure of All Things package due Monday, December 11. The Hero as Artist will not be due until shortly after returning from the Christmas holidays. This is another very large package.

  • Monday, December 11 - Video: Art of the Western World; The High Renaissance. Work on the package.
  • Tuesday, December 12 - Video: Kenneth Clark's Civilisation; The Hero As Artist. Work on the package.
  • Wednesday, December 13 - Introduction to Michelangelo. Begin the film The Agony and the Ecstasy.
  • Thursday, December 14 - The Agony and the Ecstasy.
  • Friday, December 15 - Complete The Agony and the Ecstasy. Work on the package.

Social Studies 11

The unit test on Post-War Canada will be this Wednesday. 30 flash cards are required to earn the full 5 bonus marks -- make sure that they are just terms or names with definitions; no questions please. The mark breakdown is 40 multiple choice questions (1 each), 5 definitions (2 each) and 3 from 5 long answer questions (6 each) -- for a total of 68 marks.

Note: The Geography textbook - The 21st Century World is available on the school server and is also accessible on the Internet at -- be aware, the text is now several years old and hyperlinks do not always work. I am preparing to revise and update the work, but have not had time to do so yet. PowerPoint material supporting the Geography unit is also available on the school server, but not yet on the Internet.

  • Monday, December 11 - Take up #1-5, p. 211 and #1-3, p. 212. Material from Canada; A Peoples' History. Continue PowerPoint on Land Claims and the Indian Act. Read pp. 212-222. Do #1-2, p. 215 (sidebar), #2 & 3, p. 216, #1-4, p. 219, #1-2, p. 221 (sidebar) and #1,3, & 4, p. 222.
  • Tuesday, December 12 - Take up homework. Complete any PowerPoint not finished on Tuesday. Material from the CBC Archives on Native issues, including the Oka standoff. Prepare for the unit test next class.
  • Wednesday, December 13 - Unit Test on Post-WWII Canada. Hand back History text and sign out Geography textbook. Read pp. 6-11. Do #1-5, p. 11.
  • Thursday, December 14 - Take up homework. Video segment on The Brundtland Report (note this is the 20th anniversary of the report). 1. Identify the key problems noted in this report. 2. Are these still the key issues facing the planet? 3. What should be deleted or added to this list? Chapter 1 PowerPoint. Read pp. 12-16. Do #1-9, p. 16 and #1-4, pp. 16-17.
  • Friday, December 15 - Take up homework. Complete any unfinished PowerPoint. Video, Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth and handout questions. Read pp. 1`7-20. Do #1-2, p. 17 and #1-4, p. 21. Note: The video is available in segments on YouTube, the Internet. Go to