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March 31-April 4

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Those of you in block 4 have the honour of working with my student teacher, from UBC, Miss Carlson. She too will be blogging at: .

Things that are static -- not requiring regular change -- will be posted on the website. This blogsite will have the changing material -- lesson plans and links to particular assignments. I will try to ensure that all assignments are made available on the Internet in this way. If something is underlined on the blog, it means that you can click on it to see a copy of the particular item -- this could be a pdf document, powerpoint, music or a video.

Use this blog to see what is coming up each week. I will usually post it on Saturdays for the following week. If you are away, you can check up on what you are missing. There really is no reason for you not to know what is happening. If you do not have an Internet connection, you certainly know someone who does.

If you can't read the PowerPoint material on your computer, download PowerPoint Viewer from Microsoft. It is free.Sutherland has a license to access Discovery Channel's United Streaming video collection. Students may download or stream videos from the collection by going to . Use the passcode posted in the classroom to register. If you have lost it, see me, or e-mail me, for this information. Students are licensed to include this content within their own creations.Social Studies 11.

Social Studies 11 (Regular)

Block 4: See Ms. Carlson's blog.

Block 3:

You have an ongoing assignment, due in mid-May. This is the Family History Assignment (International Students' Version and First Nations Students' Version - which will not be due until mid May. (See also the BBC's pedigree sheet - a rough form to serve as a starting point for your own pedigree).

  • Monday, March 31 - Introduction - music video Pier 21. The Laurier Boom. Filmstrips on immigration. The Shaws of Midnapore and Ukrainians. For each filmstrip, answer the following: 1. Why did this group decide to come to Canada? What pushed them out of their old homes or lured them to Canada? 2. How did this group of immigrants fit into Canadian society at the time? How did other Canadians treat them? Read pp. 9-13. Do#1-4, p. 13 & sidebar #1-2, p. 11. If you have 48 minutes to spare, you might watch An Immigrant/ Boian - which looks at Romanian immigration.
  • Tuesday, April 1 - Take up homework. . Immigration filmstrips: Dekasegi (same routine as Wednesday) & Toronto the Good (& viewing guide). If time, CBC video clip on Chinese Immigration - Not Welcome Anymore (Watch at home if we have no time in class). Handout on Immigration to 1914. Complete the questions at the end of the handout for homework.
  • Wednesday, April 2 - Take up homework. Canada and the Empire. PowerPoint. Read pp. 17-19. Do #1-3, p. 16 & #1-7, pp. 18-19 sidebar. Excellent material on early immigration to Canada can be found at the Library and Archives of Canada site's Immigration page - see further pages too.
  • Thursday, April 3 - Take up homework. Photography as historical evidence. Assignment Computer Lab Historical Photograph Assignment (if computers available - Completed work due on Monday). If not – Komogata Maru video. Do “Looking Back” questions #1,2 & 5-7, p. 19.
  • Friday, April 4 - Take up homework. Complete Canada & the Empire PowerPoint (and video) if necessary. Begin background to World War I. (PowerPoint - the origins material in Canada and World War I). If time, filmstrip or video on the origins of the war. Read the sidebar on p. 23 & do #1-5. Watch, online, EAV's Origins of World War I - part 1 (9 minutes) and part 2 (8 minutes). For a short (2 minute) and funny explanation of why the war began, see this Blackadder excerpt. An excellent BBC documentary The First World War: To Arms looks at the period around the outbreak of war - excellent viewing and available online in segments - Begin with Part 1, then 2, 3, 4, 5, & 6.

Social Studies 11 (Honours)

There is an ongoing essay assignment that is the culmination of our work in the Essay Writing Workshop. Construct a research essay, based on a thesis of your choice. Be sure to have at least three strong supporting points. Cite at least three sources and have a proper bibliography with at least three references. Be sure to use a standard format, such as MLA. Value: 24 marks (1 x 6 for composition and 3 x 6 for content). Due: the week we return after Spring Break (by Friday).

Another ongoing assignment will also be introduced this week (only because the two week Spring Break will bring some families together at that time.) This is the

Family History Assignment (See also the International Students' Version and First Nations Students' Version ) - which will not be due until mid May. (See also the BBC's pedigree sheet - a rough form to serve as a starting point for your own pedigree).

Your next unit test will be a couple of weeks away. I will post information about it when we are closer to testing time.

  • Monday, March 31 - Review Ideologies and Parties PowerPoint. The Structure of political parties. Read pp. 109-115. Do #1-5, p. 115. Research Canadian federal political parties. Which party would you support in the next federal election? Why? About a half page or so of writing is needed to adequately answer this question. Find political party information at Elections Canada's registered political parties page.
  • Tuesday, April 1 - Take up homework. Elections handout. First-By-the-Post and Proportional Representation.
  • Wednesday, April 2 - Elections lesson – day 2. Various voting systems. BCSTV animation. Assignment: What electoral system do you feel is best? Why? (due next class. About 1 page). Handout – The Work of MPs (See also On the Job With a Member of Parliament) and questions. Read pp. 18-26. Do #1-5, p. 26.
  • Thursday, April 3 - Take up homework. Begin Legislative Branch – look at House of Commons. Filmstrip & Note-taking. Read pp. 25-36. Do#1-7, p. 35 & #1-4, p. 36. Be sure to look at the Parliament of Canada website. Download, read and study from the Guide to the House of Commons.
  • Friday, April 4 - Take up #1-4, p. 36. Review set-up of Parliament. The Senate – purposes and problems (Be sure to read Maple Leaf Web material). Senate Reform. Group Work – Identify 3 points in favour of retaining/ reforming/abolishing the Senate Essay: 24 marks (6 for composition; 3 x 6 for content). What should be done with the Senate? – Retain it as is? Reform it? Abolish it? Be sure to read material at Maple Leaf Web. Due: Wednesday, April 9. 5 paragraph minimum. Read p, 43. Do #1,3& 4 on p. 44.