Saturday, May 02, 2009

May 4 - 8

Things static -- not requiring regular change -- will be posted on the website. This blogsite will have the changing material -- lesson plans and links to particular assignments. If something is underlined on the blog, it means that you can click on it to see a copy -- this could be a pdf document, PowerPoint, music or a video.

Use this blog to see what is coming up each week. I will usually post it on Saturdays for the following week. If you are away, you can check up on what you are missing. There is no reason for you not to know what is happening. If you do not have an Internet connection, you know someone who does. If too ill to work while away, be sure to attach a note from home to any overdue work when you hand it in and I will most likely waive any late deduction.

If you can't read the PowerPoint material on your computer, download PowerPoint Viewer from Microsoft. It is free.

Sutherland has a license to access Discovery Education's video collection. Students may download or stream videos from the collection by going to . Use the passcode posted in the classroom and on your course outline to register. If you have lost it, see me, or e-mail me, for this information. Students are licensed to include this content within their own creations.

Social Studies 11 (Honours)

There is an ongoing assignment. This is the Family History Assignment (See also the International Students' Version and First Nations Students' Version ) - which will not be due until mid May. (See also the BBC's pedigree sheet - a rough form to serve as a starting point for your own pedigree).

Our next unit test will be on Post-War Canada and is a couple of weeks away. We will also break into the History unit with some Government material, just before the provincial election on May 12.

Please note: I've changed the plan for this Friday and the following Monday and will insert material ordinarilly taught in the Government unit. With the Provincial election on May 12 -- I will handle elections at this time.

  • Monday, May 4 - Take up sidebar questions pp. 140, 141 #1-2, 143 #3, 145 & #1-6, p. 146. PowerPoint Post 1945 Canada. Material from Canada; A Peoples’ History; Comfort & Fear. ("Boom," "Seeing Red," "On Guard for Thee" and "The Shadow of Nuclear War" - questions). Read pp. 146-150. Do #1-4, p. 150.
  • Tuesday, May 5 - Take up #1-4, p. 150. PowerPoint Post 1945 Canada. Material from Canada; A Peoples’ History; Comfort & Fear. ("First Tremors," "A Prairie Storm" & "The Fight for Medicare" - questions). Read pp. 150-156. Do #1-5, p. 156 & sidebar #1-4, p. 155. If you have the time, Watch the stunning British Documentary Nuclear War: A Guide to Armageddon (Part 1, Part 2 & Part 3) to understand the stakes of nuclar confrontation. Another rivetting show on nuclear war is Threads, a BBC production about what would happen to a community if nuclear war occurred. I link to these and other Cold War videos in my Googlevideo and Youtube directory.
  • Wednesday, May 6 - Take up #1-5, p. 156 & #1-4 in the sidebar, p.155. PowerPoint Post 1945 Canada. segments from Canada; A Peoples’ History. (Material not completed in the previous two classes). Read pp. 157-158. Do #1-4, p. 158.
  • Thursday, May 7 - Take up #1-4, p. 158. Continue PowerPoint Post-War Canada. Read pp. 160-172. Do sidebar, p. 167, #2-6, p. 167, & #1-5, p. 172.
  • Friday, May 8 - Elections handout. Elections in Canada – The first-by-the-post system. (If time; proportional representation too). Note: after we complete the 2nd elections lesson, you will write a 1 pagish, 10 mark assignment on what electoral system you think is best and why.

History 12

The Plan for the final unit is available, as are the questions.

If you have time, watch some of the Cold War videos linked to in

my Googlevideo and Youtube directory. You absolutely have to watch Threads, a 1984 British film on the likely effect of nuclear war - brilliant and terrifying. Another equally frightening documentary on nuclear war is A Guide to Armageddon (Part 1, Part 2 & Part 3), which documents the effects of a one megaton explosion over London, England. This is less than 30 minutes in length.

Yipes -- a change in plan for the end of this week. I forgot about the Counterattack Assembly on Thursday. Mia culpa.

  • Monday, May 4 - Finish Mao and the Revolution in China (base notes). Video on the early Cold War, from the 20th Century History series: Cold War Confrontation (sorry, unavailable online).
  • Tuesday, May 5 - The United Nations (base notes).
  • Wednesday, May 6 - Begin the Soviet Union & Eastern Europe to 1956 (base notes).
  • Thursday, May 7 - We will continue with the lecture in any time that remains. We will also attend the Counterattack Assembly
  • Friday, May 7 - Complete the Soviet lecture to 1956 . Video & Questions - The Cold War; Episode 6; Reds (You can see CNN companion material online). However, there is also an earthquake drill scheduled for this class -- "The Big One at One." Watch anything we miss online!

Comparative Civilizations 12

Our Medieval Unit Test completed, we are several weeks away from the next test on the Renaissance.