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September 28 to October 2

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Things that are static -- not requiring regular change -- will be posted on the website. This blogsite will have the changing material -- lesson plans and links to particular assignments. I will try to ensure that all assignments are made available on the Internet in this way. If something is underlined on the blog, it means that you can click on it to see a copy of the particular item -- this could be a pdf document, PowerPoint, music or a video.

Use this blog to see what is coming up each week. I will usually post it on Saturdays for the following week. If you are away, you can check up on what you are missing. There is no reason for you not to know what is happening. If you do not have an Internet connection, you certainly know someone who does. If too ill to work while away, be sure to attach a note from home to any overdue work when you hand it in and I will most likely waive any late deduction.If you can't read the PowerPoint material on your computer, download
PowerPoint Viewer from Microsoft. It is free.

Sutherland has a license to access Discovery Education's United Streaming video collection. Students may download or stream videos from the collection by going to . Use the passcode posted in the classroom and given to you on your course outline to register. If you have lost it, see me, or e-mail me, for this information. Students are licensed to include this content within their own creations.

My tutorial times are officially 2:55-3:15 every Monday and Friday. However, I am available most days before school, at noon and after school. Drop by or make an appointment if you need guaranteed time.

Social Studies 8

Expect a unit test at the start of next week - it will be based on map reading and the use of your Canadian Oxford World Atlas. You will write answers into blanks on the test and there will be around 75 items on the test.

If you are struggling, be sure to see me outside of class time for extra help! I may require that some students attend out-of-class catch up sessions.

Don't forget to make flash cards for new terms. Click on the term to see an example of how to make each card - just the term on one side and a definition on the other. I will give 5 bonus marks on the unit test if you have at least 30 of these in an envelope with your name on it, submitted at the start of the unit test. Mr. Benoy gives bonus marks for these in his classes up to and including the grade 11 level.

Here is also a review package that you can use to go over areas of weakness and to get help with in tutorial sessions at noon or after school.

  • Monday, September 28 - Take up Latitude #2 worksheet. Library orientation for Social Studies. For homework, go over any of the skills that you are unsure of. Complete the Library Orientation package for Wednesday.
  • Tuesday, September 29 - Review video What Causes Earth's Seasons. Latitude quiz. Introduction to Longitude - see material in Geographical Essentials pp. 36 & 38-41. Review video, Fliggo's Latitude and Longitude and questions. Longitude worksheet - complete for next class.
  • Wednesday, September 30 - Hand in the library orientation package -- I will pass them on to Ms. Clark to evaluate. Take up Longitude worksheet. Review video - Kim Shaw's Latitude and Longitude. Social Studies 8 race - in groups of 3 or 4, try to beat the rest of the class to get to the final destination. Race sheet provided in class. Earth Grid worksheet - complete for homework.
  • Thursday, October 1 - Take up Earth Grid worksheet. Countries Game. Introduction to timezones. See Geographical Essentials, pp. 48-54. Earth Rotates video from Discovery Education Streaming (You need to login for this, using the access code on your course outline). Time Zones worksheet. Complete for homework.
  • Friday, October 2 - Take up Time Zones worksheet. Video clip Geography Tutor - Map & Globe Terms. New worksheet on time zones - complete for homework. So you are sure you get it? Go online and work through this advanced material from Iowa State University -- which quizzes you as you read.

Social Studies 11

We just finished the last unit -- with underwhelming results -- you now should know that you need to study for tests! Our next exam is a week or two away and I will post the test breakdown as we get closer to that time. Create and use flashcards now to master terms and names. This not only helps you with subject content, but it ensures that you know what test questions are asking.
  • Monday, September 28 - Take up #1-3 in the sidebar on p. 233. Filmstrip or video & questions or note-taking on Parliament. Discuss the role of a member of Parliament. Handout – The Work of MPs (See also On the Job With a Member of Parliament) and questions. Read 226-231. Do #1-3, p. 231.
  • Tuesday, September 29 - Filmstrip or video & questions or note-taking on Parliament. Complete material from last class. Take up homework, #1-3, p. 233. The Senate – Pros and cons of present setup (Be sure to look at the Senate material at Mapleleafweb). Essay Writing. There will be an essay question on what shall be done with the Canadian Senate on the next unit test.
  • Wednesday, September 30 - Take up homework - what to do with the Canadian Senate. Review handout - How a Bill becomes a Law.Video - Government in Canada; Citizenship in Action; Our National Parliament; the Inside Story and questions. Read pp. 47-54 in RedGovernment text. Do #1-4, p. 48 and #1-5 and 7 on p. 54.
  • Thursday, October 1 - Introduction to the executive branch. Role of the Queen, Governor General and Prime Minister. Read “Constitutional Monarchy” on p. 222-224 & "The Governor General" on p. 234. Identify points for and against getting rid of the Queen and Governor General. Should Canada become a Republic? Why or why not? Identify 3 reasons for and 3 reasons against doing so. Look at the Monarchist League of Canada and the Canadian Monarchist Online websites for arguments supporting the monarch; see Citizens for a Canadian Republic for arguments against retaining the monarchy. There has also been an active debate in Australia and New Zealand on this topic. Web searches would yield useful information.
  • Friday, October 2 - Take up homework. Discuss the role of the PM., Cabinet & the bureaucracy. Watch Yes, Minister episode. Read pp. 234-240. Do #1-4, p. 240. Assignment: Value 5 marks, Identify by name each member of the federal (national) cabinet and their department. This is an assignment, not a homework check, so accuracy is part of the mark.
Social Studies 11H

You have an ongoing project -- the Geography research essay on a geographical topic of your choice that relates to our current curriculum. This will be due in about a month and we will set the precise due date after discussing the options in class. I rather expect that Monday, October 26 would be good, as it follows the October 23 province-wide professional day.

Your Geography textbook is also available online at . Though we will use some material from the other text, most will be from this e-text. Be aware that this text is now a few years old and many hyperlinks are broken. Rewriting is a massive job that I have not had time to take on yet.

To save a little time in the course, we will join chapters 2 & 3 together for testing purposes. Expect your next unit test to be in around 1 or 2 weeks. The following breakdown of marks for the next unit test is by no means final, but should be a good rough guide: 65 multiple choice questions (1 mark each) and 3 from a choice of 10 long answer questions (6 marks each). The test total will be out of roughly 83 marks. I would expect at least 30 flash cards to generate the full 5 bonus marks available.

  • Monday, September 28 - Take up #1-4, pp. 55-56. - Stewart Brand's City Planet and questions. Read the rest of p. 56 and do #1-4. Remember, we are relocated to the library Tuesday. Go directly there for our class. My room is being used for the Post-Secondary Liaison Day. Be prepared to work on your research essay -- which will not be due for about another month. Now is the time to get a good start on research.
  • Tuesday, September 29 - Library Research on Geography Essays.
  • Wednesday, September 30- Take up #1-4, p. 56. More from Chapter 3 PowerPoint. Quick survey. If we have enough time we will at least start looking at Rosling's video below; if we don't have time, you must watch it for homework. Read pp. 57-61. Do d #1-8, p. 61. Download Gapminder's World Chart 2006, which graphs national incomes and children dieing before the age of five. You should have a copy of this in your notes. Sidebar: Watch Hans Rosling's Chimpanzees Know Better, to see how countries and populations are and are not different around the world.
  • Thursday, October 1 - Take up #1-8, p. 61. Video - Gwynne Dyer's Escaping From History, & do the following questions: 1) What are living conditions like in Mexico City? 2) Why are people abandoning the countryside? 3) What does Dyer believe must happen for the developing world to get their fair share of consumer goods?] Read pp. 62-64. Do #1-5, p. 64. Video sidebar: For a look at what Mexico is doing to sort out air pollution watch the World Resources Institute's "Retrofit Mexico City." (The link is to part 1). Only 3 1/2 minutes to spare? Watch the wonderful Karolinska professor, Hans Rosling, on why providing public services is essential to improving the world.
  • Friday, October 2 - Take up #1-5, p. 64. Complete any remaining Chapter 3 PowerPoint. Read pp. 64-73. Do #1-3, p. 70, #1-8, p. 73. Do "Further Thought" questions, #1-4 & 7, p. 74.
History 12

Topic #2's plan and questions are now available.
You have an ongoing essay on nationalism that is due on Wednesday, September 30. Originally we scheduled the due date for the 29th, but there will be no History 12 class that day because of Post-Secondary Liaison Day. Ongoing Essay #2
will follow immediately -- we will discuss the end date for this in class.

I expect the next unit test to be on or about Monday, October 5 - depending on our progress. The following is a very rough guestimation of the mark breakdown of the Topic #2 Unit Test: 60 multiple choice items (1 mark each), 10 map items (1 mark each), 5 definitions and names (I give you the term and you define it or say why the person is important - valued at 2 marks each), and 2 long answer questions (10 marks each). The total value of the test is, therefore, likely to be 100 marks.

Plenty of great documentary films are available on World War I. You can find a sampling of these on my Topic #2 Googlevideo and Youtube Directory.