Friday, April 08, 2011

April 11-15

Contact me by e-mail at:

Things that are static -- not requiring regular change -- can be found at my website:

You will be glad to know that now I have a prep. block, I am once again updating my website.

This blogsite will have all of the changing material -- lesson plans and links to assignments. I will try to ensure that all assignments are posted here.If you see something underlined, it means that you can click on the item to have it appear. I will do this for all pdf documents, PowerPoints, videos, and even some music.

Social Studies 8

Mr. Nann, a student teacher from UBC, will work with you for the next little while. I will be in and out of the classroom during this block -- but I remain available for extra help, even on material Mr. Nann is teaching. This is an excellent opportunity to take advantage of all the tutorial help we have with all of the adult bodies in this class. Mr. Nann's blogsite works much like my own.

He will post his lessons at:

Do not hesitate to contact me for help if you need it. My job satisfaction comes from your success -- even if I have a student teacher working with you.

Social Studies 11

I am teaching this class again starting this Monday. I'm afraid you will have to get used to my doing things a little differently to Mr. Nann. We are different people.

For any material up until this Monday, be sure to refer back to Mr. Nann's blog: .

A test is still a little way off - probably about 2 weeks. I will post the mark breakdown as we get a little closer to it.

History 12

We have finished Topic 3 and the test for this unit is this Monday. Questions are due by 4:30 p.m. on Monday, April 11. Expect the following breakdwon on the test: 50 multiple choice questions, 10 map items (1 mark each), 10 definitions (2 marks each), and 3 from 5 paragraph items (6 marks each). The total is, therefore, out of 98 marks.