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November 28 to December 2

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Social Studies 8

We are still in our longest unit - "The Middle Ages" and a test is still more than a week away. We are also working on a major research assignment, due on December 9. Please note that the due date on top of the assignment is not current.

Medieval Research Project. Part 1. Part 2.

  • Monday, November 28 - Mark Steel's video on Geoffrey Chaucer. Why is Chaucer considered one of the great writers in English? Problems with the research project? How to construct a point-form outline. Note: All projects need to have one when you hand them in. Watch Horrible Histories; The Crusades. Read pp. 69-74. Do #1-6, p. 74.
  • Tuesday, November 29 - Friday, November 26 - Take up #1-6, p. 74. Introduction to the Crusades. Watch Terry Jones' The Crusades; Pilgrims in Arms.Questions: 1) What started the First Crusade? 2) What did crusader knights hope to gain? 3) Why did peasants join the crusade? 4) Why were Jews persecuted in Medieval Europe? 5) How did the "Peoples' Crusade" end? 6) What was the relationship between the crusaders and the Byzantines? We will not get a chance to watch his following two documentaries, but if you can, be sure to watch them yourself: Jerusalem,Jihad, andDestruction. I'd love to screen all of these in class, but they take too long. A great documentary on the Crusades is The Crescent and the Cross (1 hour 30 minutes).
  • Wednesday, November 30 - Primary Documents: Descriptions of Urban II's preaching of the first crusade. Watch Episode 2: Jerusalem, and do the questions on the 2nd screen: 1) What equipment did a night on the first crusade take with him? 2) What hazards did crusaders face and was it likely that a crusader would survive the 1st Crusade? 3) Why did Baldwin leave the main crusader group to go to Edessa? 4) How were fortified cities attacked by the crusaders? 5) What happened at Marat? 6) Did Christians in Jerusalem need rescuing? Explain. 7) How did the Crusader's treat the inhabitants of Jerusalem when they took the city? If time - primary document on the Crusaders in Jerusalem. Question: How do you think local people reacted to the arrival of the Crusaders? Work on your reports.
  • Thursday, December 1 - Complete Jerusalem video, if not completed in class and take up the questions (See Wednesday). Note: This is some of the most important material we will look at in History this year. It ties in the distant past with the world today. Video: Christianity; A History; The Crusades (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4).Why does the word "crusade" upset Muslims in the Middle East? Do western leaders today seem to understand this view? Go online and read the Hosford Atlas Crusades material, pp. 27-28. Crusades Map Assignment, due next class; 10 marks.
Social Studies 11

The next test is this Monday (November 28). The mark breakdown is most likely to be as follows: 45 multiple choice questions (1 mark each), 5 definitions (2 marks each) and 3 from a choice of 5 long answer questions (6 marks each). The total is, therefore, out of 73 marks. 5 bonus marks are available if you submit more than 25 flash cards done as required.

There is a major research assignment underway, theFamily History - Immigration Assignment (With additional options for International and First Nations students. Click here to get a sample pedigree sheet. ) The due date for this work is not until right after the Christmas holidays, to allow plenty of time for research and discussion with family members.

  • Monday, November 28 - Unit Test on Chapters 3-5. Read pp. 130-135. Do sidebar questions p. 133 & 134 & #1-4, p. 135.
  • Tuesday, November 29 - Take up homework. Change of plan. We lose time from Wednesday's class, so we will see Wednesday videos instead of the two scheduled for today. PowerPoint Post 1945 Canada. Material from Canada; A Peoples’ History; Comfort & Fear. (Comfort & Fear, From Sea to Sea and Boom- questions). Read pp. 135-139. Do #1-5, p. 139.
  • Wednesday, November 30 - Class visit from Constable Brenda Abreo and Youth Worker Lisa Devine for the first half of this class. PowerPoint Post 1945 Canada. Material from Canada; A Peoples’ History; Comfort & Fear. (Seeing Red, On Guard for Thee and The Shadow of Nuclear War -questions). Read pp. 140-146. Do sidebar questions pp. 140, 141 #1-2, 143 #3, 145 & #1-6, p. 146. Watch some anti-communist American propaganda from the 1950's He May Be a Communist,The Red Menace, and the ever popular film used in schools --Communism.
  • Thursday, December 1 - Take up sidebar questions pp. 140, 141 #1-2, 143 #3, 145 & #1-6, p. 146. Watch videos (sorry, unavailable online) from Canada; A Peoaple's History; Comfort and Fear. "Boom," "Seeing Red," "On Guard for Thee" and "The Shadow of Nuclear War" -questions." This is material that we did not get to last week. Continue PowerPoint Post 1945 Canada. Read pp. 146-150. Do sidebars p. 146 & #1-4, p. 150. If you have the time, Watch the stunning British Documentary Nuclear War: A Guide to Armageddon (Part 1, Part 2& Part 3) to understand the stakes of nuclar confrontation. Another rivetting show on nuclear war is Threads, a BBC production about what would happen to a community if nuclear war occurred.
  • Friday, December 2 - Take up homework. PowerPoint Post 1945 Canada. Material from Canada; A Peoples’ History; Comfort & Fear. ("First Tremors" "A Prairie Storm" & "The Fight for Medicare" - questions)," Read pp. 150-158. Do sidebar, #1-3, p. 155, #1-5, p. 156 & #2-4, p. 158.
History 12

We completed the last unit next week and to allow students to take more than just class time to write the exam, we have postponed the Topic #4 Unit Test Until Tuesday. Expect it to have the following breakdown: 75 multiple choice items (1 mark each -- note, this is slightly longer than indicated last week!); 5 map items (1 mark each); 2 out of 3 long answer options (12 marks each). The total is, therefore, out of 104 marks).

Plan for Topics 5 & 6

Questions for Topics 5 & 6

Essay #3

  • Monday, November 28 - Watch Video: Cold War Confrontation from the 20th Century History Series (Sorry, it does not appear to be available online). Complete The Origins of the Cold War (base notes) and PowerPoint. If time, we will begin looking at the first video from CNN's outstanding Cold War series - Comrades; 1917-1945. If we do not have time in class, be sure to see it at home.
  • Tuesday, November 29 - Unit Test on Topic #4. Be sure to pick up Topic #4 Plan. Topic #4 Questions. Essay #3.
  • Wednesday, November 30 - Chinese Revolution & the Korean War (base notes). If we finish early (unlikely!), we will watch as much as possible of CNN`s amazing Cold War series -- Episode 5 Korea; 1950-1953. On your own, be sure to watch Episode 15 of China 1949-1972 from the same series. If you have time, watch China; Chairman Mao Declassified. Interested in Chinese 20th century history? Watch China in Revolution; 1911-1949 (part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7, part 8, part 9, part 10).
  • Thursday, December 1 - Complete The Chinese Revolution & the Korean War (base notes). AV on the Cold War in Asia.
  • Friday, December 2 - The United Nations (base notes). If time, Begin the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe to 1956 (base notes). See what people thought of the United Nations when it was first founded -- watch the National Film Board film Now the Peace.