Friday, December 30, 2011

January 3-6

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Things that are static -- not requiring regular change -- can be found at my website:

This blogsite will have all of the changing material -- lesson plans and links to assignments. I will try to ensure that all assignments are posted here.If you see something underlined, it means that you can click on the item to have it appear. I will do this for all pdf documents, PowerPoints, videos, and even some music.

Course outlines are posted in the material for the first class this semester - go to the Wednesday, September 7 posting.

During the job action, parents who would like a mark update can contact me by -mail at any time. I should be able to provide this within a day or two of your request.

For the Grads: Find pictures from the Winter Formal on November 23 at:

Social Studies 8

Expect an exam on the Renaissance and Reformation on Friday. The mark breakdown is as follows: 25 multiple choice questions (1 mark each) and a choice of two from four long answer questions (6 marks each). The total is, therefore, out of 37 marks. 30 properly-done flashcards are needed to earn 3 bonus marks.

Social Studies 11

There is a major research assignment underway, theFamily History - Immigration Assignment (With additional options for International and First Nations students. Click here to get a sample pedigree sheet. ) The due date for this work is not until right after the Christmas holidays, to allow plenty of time for research and discussion with family members.

The Geography textbook 21st Century World is available online. Just click on the title to access the table of contents.

History 12

We will not test Topics 5 & 6 -- as this would take a block away from instruction and all of this material is tested on the final exam in any case. However, I will collect all work this year -- in two installments -- up to question 62 at the end of the first week back in January, and the remainder in the last week of classes. Do not procrastinate as deadlines become hard at the end of the semester.

Plan for Topics 5 & 6

Questions for Topics 5 & 6

Essay #3

Glossary Bonus Assignment