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October 15-19

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Comparative Civilizations 12

Islamic Civilizations package.  This will be submitted on Monday, October 22.

We just completed the Ancient World Unit, so are a long way from our next test -- The Middle Ages.

  • Monday, October 15 - Islamic Architecture Powerpoint.  Work on package.  If you have an hour and a half to spare, watch Paradise Found, a documentary on Islamic Architecture around the world.
  • Tuesday, October 16 - Islamic Decorative Arts PowerPoint.  Work on package.  On your own time, watch Taj Mahal Mughals (8 minutes).  Learn about the Mughal dynasty in The Mughals; 1526-1707 (3o minutes) or The Mughals (91 minutes).  Michael Woods The Story of India; Part 5; the Meeting of Two Oceans (59 minutes) is a terrific telling of the Moslem age of domination in India.  The link above is to a Veoh upload.  This requires a download that can interfere with the auto download feature of RealPlayer.  This may be worth it if you like documentaries, as Veoh carries many of the in full length versions, unlike Youtube.  However, you can always search on Youtube and find the same thing segmented into shorter parts. 
  • Wednesday, October 17 - Watch What the Ancients Did for Us; Islamic Civilization. Work on package.
  • Thursday, October 18 - We will watch The Hidden Art of Islam, a BBC documentary, in class today.  You might want to watch professor Kenney Menscher's podcast on Islamic Art  (31 minutes)  -- part of his online material for an art history course.  
  •  Friday, October 19 - Today is the provincial professional day.  While I am away at Vancouver Technical School at the BC Social Studies Teacher's conference, you should consider plugging away at the package.   The package is due on Monday.

History 12 

Essay #2  is now posted.  The due date is not as posted, but will be in mid-November.

The next unit test is a fair way off. I will post the mark breakdown for it when we are a little closer to it.

  • Monday, October 15 - The Great Purge (Base NotesPowerPoint.   If you have an hour and a half to spare, watch Stalin; Man of Steel.  Another video option is Stalin and the Modernization of Russia, available on TeacherTube.
  • Tuesday, October 16 - Soviet Foreign Policy Between the Wars (Base NotesPowerPoint.  If time -- and if available, watch The Road to War; The Soviet Union.   Sorry, It seems to be unavailable on the Internet.  If it is not available, we will get a head start on Wednesday's material with The Road to War; Italy
  • Wednesday, October 17 - Italy and Fascism (Base Notes). If you have time, watch Fascism in Colour; Mussolini in Power - with early colour and colourized footage.
  • Thursday, October 18 - Introductory video, Berlin in the 1920s.  Germany, France and Britain in the 1920s (base notes).  I expect we will only cover Germany and, perhaps, France in the time available.
  • Friday, October 19 - Today is the provincial professional day.  While I am away at Vancouver Technical School at the BC Social Studies Teacher's conference, you should consider plugging away at the Topic #3 questions.

Social Studies 11 

We just completed the Government section of the course, so are starting History.  Our first unit test is a little way off and I will post the mark breakdown when we are a bit closer.

Click here for a copy of the take home test on municipal and provincial government.  I apologize for the error on the answer sheet - there is no blank for #4.  Please just put it in the margin next to #3 --oops.

  • Monday, October 15 - Take up #1-3, p. 9 and the questions in figure 1-2, p. 6 and 1-5, p. 8.  Begin looking at late 19th century and early 20th century immigration to Canada -- push and pull factors. Laurier's Canada PowerPoint. Homework: Talk to someone who immigrated to Canada in their lifetime. What push & or pull factors brought them here? What difficulties have they faced in coming to a new land?
  • Tuesday, October 16 - Take up homework - immigration push and pull factors. Look at the earliest film of Vancouver - shot in 1907 on a hand-cranked movie camera, bolted to the front of a streetcar while traveling along Granville, Hastings, Carrall, Cordova, Cambie and Robson Streets. 1) What kinds of traffic do you see? 2) Did anything about the traffic surprise you? 3) What else did you notice about Vancouver in 1907? Another interesting look back in time is City Reflections; Vancouver - a set of 1907 and 2007 photos of the same locations - with the 1907 pictures taken from the streetcar film. What do you know about immigration to BC before the First World War? Discuss the problems of immigration to Canada in the late 19th and early 20th century - including the 1907 Vancouver race riot. More of the PowerPoint on Laurier's Canada. Read the sidebar on pp. 10-11 of your text and explain why you would support or oppose the payment of compensation to families who paid the head tax to come to Canada.   Read pp. 9-16.  Do #1-3, p. 16
  • Wednesday, October 17 - Take up #1-3, p. 16.  Discuss the head tax and the issue of compensation. Video - Komagata Maru - sorry, unavailable online. Board questions - 1) What did the Canadian public think of Indian immigration in 1914? 2) How did government try to restrict Indian immigration? 3) What world event pushed news of the Komogata Maru into the background in the summer of 1914? Do the "Looking Back" questions #1, 2, 6 and 7 on p. 19. Excellent material on early immigration to Canada can be found at the Library and Archives of Canada site's Immigration page - see further pages too.
  • Thursday, October 18 - Take up homework. Canada and the Empire PowerPoint - If we do not complete this in class, please do so for homework. Read pp. 20-24. Do #1,2, & 4 p. 24 and the cartoon interpretation on p. 23 - Be sure to do #1-5 "Applying the Skill." Watch EA's Origins of World War Ipart 1 & part 2.
  • Friday, October 19 - Today is the provincial professional day.  While I am away at Vancouver Technical School at the BC Social Studies Teacher's conference, you should start thinking ahead toward the provincial exam.  Have a look at my exam preparation page from my website.  Link from there to a sample exam to see what you will be facing.