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January 14-18

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Comparative Civilizations 12 

Mannerism package due Monday January 14.

The final package, Grandeur & Obedience and the Light of Experience has now been assigned.  It is not due until the last day of classes - January 25.

  • Monday, January 14 - Hand in the Mannerism package today by 4:30 p.m. Watch Art of the Western World; The Play of Light.  Work on either Mannerism or the Baroque/Enlightenment package.
  • Tuesday, January 15 - Ordinarily, I lecture on Bernini and show slides.  However, I want to introduce you to a series of films by historian Simon Schama - The Power of Art.  If you like his approach, be sure to look at others in the series.  Watch Schama's The Power of Art; Bernini.  Work on the package.  Professor Kenney Mencher's Baroque Art; Bernini's "David" and "St. Theresa" is shorter and very good (we saw his Mannerism in Painting last week.  You might also watch Chuck Benson's lecture: Bernini -- though it is simply a filmed architect's lecture.
  • Wednesday, January 16 - Rubens and Velasquez -- lecture and excerpts from Sister Wendy.  Find Rubens in History of Painting; Passion and Ecstacy - starting at 21:46.  The Velasquez material is in her History of Painting; Three Golden Ages - beginning at 12:56 minutes. Work on packages.  If you want to learn more about Rubens, watch this 30 minute illustrated lecture, Peter Paul Rubens or Gallery of the Masters; Peter Paul Rubens at 26 minutes.  For Velasquez, try The Great Artists; Velasquez (part 1, part 2, part 3) or Kenney Mencher's Baroque Art; Velasquez.
  • Thursday, January 17 - Caravaggio and Gentileschi - lectures and excerpts from Sister Wendy -- Caravaggio is found in History of Painting; Passion and Ecstacy at the start; Artemesia Gentileschi can be found in the same video at the 15:04 mark.  Work on the package.  Those of you who want to find out more about Michelangelo Caravaggio, be sure to watch Simon Schama's 54 minute video: The Power of Art; Caravaggio.  Another wonderful treatment is art critic Andrew Graham-Dixon's Who Killed Caravaggio -- a detective adventure delving into the life of this fascinating man.  There is also an interesting film about his life: Caravaggio -- well worth watching.  As for Artemisia Gentileschi, who wouldn't be interested in finding out about the first big name female artist in the Western tradition?  Find out about her and her father, Orazio, in Kenney Mencher's half hour treatment: Baroque Art; The Gentileschi.  Artemisia Gentileschi is a 10 minute documentary about her life and work.  If you speak french, you might enjoy Artemisia (part 1, part 2), a minute dramatization of her early life as a painter.
  • Friday, January 18 - Curriculum Implementation Day - no classes.  Be sure to use the time to get caught up, if you need to, or to begin preparation for your final exams.
History 12 

Topic #5 and 6 Plan. -- note, to ensure we have enough classes to complete course content, we will run units 5 and 6 into one -- "The Cold War" and we will not waste a block for a unit test as this material will form a significant part of the final exam that we write at the end of the course in any case.  These questions will also be submitted in two parts.  Questions #1-62 came in last Friday, though I will take them on Monday, January 14 without penalty.  (marked out of 35) and the remainder are due on the last day of classes (marked out of 15).

Topic #5 and 6 questions

Episode 1 - Comrades; 1917-1945.
Episode 4 - Berlin; 1948-1949.
Episode 5 - Korea; 1950-1953.
Episode 6 - Reds; 1947-1953.
Episode 8 - Sputnik; 1949-1961.
Episode 9 - The Wall; 1958-1963.
Episode 10 Cuba; 1959-1962.
Episode 11 Vietnam; 1954-1968.
Episode 14 Red Spring; 1960s
Episode 15 China; 1949-1972.
Episode 16 Detente; 1969-1975.
Episode 18 Backyard; 1954-1990.
Episode 19 Freeze; 1977-1981.
Episode 21 Spies; 1944-1994.
Episode 22 Star Wars; 1981-1988.
Be sure to begin preparing for the final exam.  Expect the breakdown of marks to be, most likely, as follows:  100 multiple choice questions, one long answer question based on using documents that you are given and your own background knowledge and an essay question -- you choose from four options.

  • Monday, January 14 - Hand in the first group of Topic #5 & 6 questions today, by 4:30 p.m.  Maoist and post-Maoist China (base notes and China after Mao base notes). At home, watch the History Channel video Mao Declassified, which deals with the Cultural Revolution. Music videos give an interesting insight into Maoist culture. Watch Song of Dragon River I link to the first part).
  • Tuesday, January 15 - Complete Maoist and post-Maoist China (base notes and China after Mao base note ).  Watch Episode 15 China; 1949-1972.
  • Wednesday, January 16 - The Middle East Since 1956 (base notes). If you have the time, watch the History Channel's Battlefield Detectives; Israel's Six Day War (part 1part 2part 3part 4part 5), and also Modern Warfare: Yom Kippur War (1973). If you are interested in Israel's Weapons of Mass Destruction, watch the BBC'sCorrespondence: Israel's Secret Weapon. See the situation from the Palestinian perspective in the BBC's Clash of the Worlds; Palestine . Look at modern attitudes in the region through music videos with the following:Yallah ya Nasrallah (an anti-Arab Jewish song with English subtitles -- here's a second version, , Moon Erhabo (Anti-Israeli Rap), and watch this short documentary on Palestinian Hip Hop -- oddly popular with Israeli youth.
  • Thursday, January 17 - Complete The Middle East Since 1956 (base notes). We will watch a video on the Middle East conflict -- possibly Occupied Minds, which tries to look at why the occupation and conflict seems to go on fore ever, or  James Miller's documentary Death in Gaza -- about the lives of Palestinian children.  Miller had hoped to make a parallel film about the lives of Israeli children -- but was killed before completing his first documentary.
  • Friday, January 18 - Curriculum Implementation Day.  No Classes.  Be sure to use the time to complete work and begin preparing for the final exam.
Social Studies 11 

Even though it is getting a little long in the tooth, we will use our locally developed text book for the heart of the Geography unit (in fact the content was written about the same time as most of the material in the Blue text -- given that it takes about 2-3 years to get a book from the writing to the publishing stage).  The main advantage of the local text is that you can access it online at  21st Century World . Just click on the title to access the table of contents and go to what you want from there.

Please forgive my "senior's moment" when I posted the chapter 1-3 test for Wednesday.  Of course it is Thursday that is the only day allowing both classes to take extra time if they wish. Note that we will test chapters 1-3 of the Geography unit together, Thursday, January 17 -- this allows extra time for test writers in both blocks.  The breakdown of marks is as follows:  65 multiple choice questions and three long answer questions from a choice of 9 possibilities.

***Here is a set of summary notes for the Social Studies 11 course -- excellent for use in studying for the final exam. 

***Here is another, shorter, set of notes for the Social Studies 11 course.

***Here is a much more thorough webpage of review materials. 

Find another set of notes on the Counterpoints text at:

Be sure to look at past exam material to get comfortable with the format.  Go to

  • Monday, January 14 - Take up #1-4, pp. 55-56. Chapter 3 PowerPoint. Read pp. 57-70. Do #1-8, p. 61, #1-5, p. 64 and #1-2, p. 70.
  • Tuesday, January 15 - Take up homework. Watch Hans Rosling's Chimpanzees Know Better, to see how countries and populations are and are not different around the world. Ch. 3 PowerPoint - be sure to do so yourself for homework if we cannot do so in class.  Read pp. 70-73. Do #1-8, p. 73 and 1, 2, 5 and 7, p. 74 in "Further Thought." Study for the chapters 1-3 test next class.
  • Wednesday, January 16 -  Note: this is a change from what was posted on the weekend.  Take up #1-3, p. 84, #1-4, p. 85, #1-2, p. 86 and #1-3, p. 87. Take up homework. PowerPoint for Chapter 4 - Note -- we will move very quickly through this. Be sure to scan the PowerPoint again, on your own time, in order to take good notes. Read pp. 88-93. Do #1-4, p. 89, #1-5, p. 91 and #1-5, p. 93. Study for the unit test next class.
  • Thursday, January 17 - Unit Test on chapters 1-3. Read pp. 83-87. Do #1-3, p. 84, #1-4, p. 85, #1-2, p. 86 and #1-3, p. 87.
  • Friday, January 18 - Curriculum Implementation Day.  No Classes.  Be sure to spend time studying for the final exam.