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February 18-22

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History 12 

You must be sure to visit The History Guide for excellent background material supporting this course.

Expect to write your first quiz on or Tuesday, February 19 - this is a postponement as a result of an expected fire drill. There will likely be 15 multiple choice questions (1 mark each), 10 definitions -- where I give you the definition and you give me the term or name (1 mark each), 5 definitions -- where I give you the term or name and you provide the definition or why the person is important (2 marks each), and one essay (worth 18 marks - with 6 for composition and 2x6 for content). The test will most likely be out of 53 marks.

All Topic #1 questions are due at the start of the Tuesday class.

We will set the due date for Essay #1 on Friday or early next week. (find the essay on the bottom of the Topic #1 plan.

Topic #2 Plan.

Topic #2 Questions.
  • Monday, February 18 -  Europe Before World War I - the Alliance system (Russia/France/Britain)Begin looking at the nations of Europe before the War. Base notes. Work on Topic #2 Questions.  
  • Tuesday, February 19 - Unit Test, Topic #1.
  • Wednesday, February 20 -  Continue with the nations of Europe before the war - finish Russia/France/Britain - base notes -- then continue with the Ottoman Empire/Germany & Italy - base notes.
  • Thursday, February 21 -  Finish the countries of Europe before the war. - base notes.   If time, look at causes of the war and reasons for peace in 1914 - base notes.
  • Friday, February 22 -  Introductory video & music.  Begin lecture on WW1, The Opening Phases of the War (base notesPowerPoint.  We will probably get into Stalemate - 1915-1916 (base notes) today too.
Social Studies 8

  • Monday, February 18 - Hand in School to Home maps.  Take up Activity 9 #1-4 and Activity 10.  Introduction to military grid.  Military Grid Worksheet.  Complete the Letter/Number Grid Worksheet for homework.
  • Tuesday, February 19 - Take up any problems with military grid.  Take up the Letter/Number Grid worksheet. Latitude introduction -- Geographical Essentials pp. 32-35.  Key lines of latitude and why we have seasons -- see the video Geography Seasons for this.  Introduction video to Latitude and Longitude (Sorry, this is not available online) with questions. Complete the Latitude #1 worksheet for homework.  If latitude & longitude is still puzzling to you, see this very simple video explanation.  For a more detailed explanation, see this US College video -- given at a decent Canadian high school level of difficulty.  Of course if you prefer something really cheesy, try Longitude and Latitude.
  • Wednesday, February 20 - Take up any problems with Latitude #1.  Countries memory game - list by continents.  Review video on the seasons and important lines of latitude.  Quiz on important lines of latitude.  Hand in quiz and pick up and start working on  Latitude #2 worksheet -- to be completed for homework.
  • Thursday, February 21 - Watch GEG-103-OL; Latitude and Longitude.  (If this video is a bit difficult for you, watch  the following quick videos at home:  What Causes the Seasons on Earth, Absolute vs. Relative Location and Latitude and Longitude.)  Demonstration of latitude and longitude using Google Earth.  Complete the Longitude worksheet for homework.
  • Friday, February 22 - Memory game - another variation on the countries list.  Take up the Longitude worksheet.  Latitude and Longitude Race - in groups of 3 or 4 people -- complete the handout before any other group in the class.  Earth Grid worksheet to be completed for homework.