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September 16-20

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This blog provides lesson plans for each week.  Look ahead to see where we are going.  Look back to see what you might have missed. All assignments are provided here.  If anything is underlined, click on it to bring up the document or, in the case of videos, link to an online version of what was scheduled for seeing in class or as enrichment.  
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Social Studies 8 

We began with a Geography unit. Expect a unit test at the end of this, worth around 75 marks. This will be in roughly a week. It will be based on map reading and the use of Canadian Oxford World Atlas (7th edition). We will also have a number of quizzes worth from 5-30 marks throughout the unit. You will not always be warned ahead of time about quizzes -- so it is important to keep up.

If you are struggling, be sure to see me outside of class for extra help!

National Geographic has some nice overview PowerPoints for this unit. See Map Elements and Map Skills.

Social Studies 11 

Expect your first unit test on Ideologies/Parties/Elections to be on Wednesday, September 17.  I will a try to schedule tests when you can continue writing into break or lunch time if you need to do so. The mark breakdown is most likely to be as follows: 30 multiple choice question (1 mark each); 4 items to label on a diagram (1 mark each); 5 definitions - you write a sentence or two about each term or name (2 marks each); 2 long answer questions from a choice of 4 options (6 marks each). The test should, therefore, be out of about 66 marks. 25 properly done flash cards, if submitted in class at the start of the test, will earn 5 bonus marks on the test.

  • Monday, September 16 -  Reminder of flash card policy for tests (see above). Take up I Can Vote ( -- ***we did not assign this on Friday, so I did not take it up today.  If you can look at and handle the material it is helpful, but we will now make it entirely optional) and #1-3 & 5, p. 115. Elections handout. Elections in Canada – The first-by-the-post system. (If time; proportional representation too). Read Government pp. 88-97. Do #4, p. 97. Research Canadian federal political parties. Which party would you support in the next federal election? Why? About a half page or so of writing is needed to adequately answer this question. Value: 10 marks, due Tuesday (next class). Find political party information at Elections Canada's registered political parties page.  Watch this video account of the problems with first past the post elections.
  • Tuesday, September 17 -  Take up #4, p. 97. Elections lesson – day 2. Various voting systems. BCSTVanimation. Assignment: What electoral system do you feel is best? Why? (due Thursday, September 19. About 1 page).
  • Wednesday, September 18 - Unit Test on Ideologies/Parties/Elections.  
  • Thursday, September 19 - Begin Legislative Branch - focus on the House of Commons. Be sure to look at the Parliament of Canada website. Download, read and study from the Guide to the House of Commons. Read pp. 231-233 sidebar. Do #1-3 in the sidebar on p. 233. 
  • Friday, September 20 - Professional Day.  Go over anything that gave you trouble in the first unit -- remember, you will be tested on it again on the final exam.  Why not look at the sample provincial exam posted by the Ministry of Education -- click here and move on to see the test -- see how it is set up and the kind of questions it poses.
History 12 

Please note.  In addition to keeping up with work, everyone should be working on Essay #1 on nationalism.  The assignment can be found on the bottom of the plan for Topic #1.

Your Topic #1 Test is in Monday's class.  Expect the following breakdown in marks:  15 multiple choice questions (1 mark each), 10 definitions -- where I give you the definition and you give me the term or name (1 mark each), 5 definitions -- where I give you the term or name and you provide the definition or why the person is important (2 marks each), and one essay (worth 15 marks - with 5 for composition and 2 x 5 for content). The test will most likely be out of 50 marks.  Please note;  this is an adjustment on what was posted earlier. I have reduced the value of the essay as a portion of the total, moving from a 6 mark rubric to one of 5 marks.

You must be sure to visit The History Guide for excellent background material supporting this course.

Click here for the plan for Topic #1.  (Essay #1 can be found at the bottom of the back page).

Click here for Topic #1 work.

Click here for the Topic #2 plan.

Click here for the Topic #2 questions.

  • Monday, September 16 - Topic #1 Test.
  • Tuesday, September 17 - Begin Europe Before World War I - the Alliance system (Russia/France/Britain)Begin looking at the nations of Europe before the War. Base notes
  • Wednesday, September 18 - Continue with the nations of Europe before the war - finish Russia/France/Britain - base notes -- then continue with the Ottoman Empire/Germany & Italy - base notes.  
  • Thursday, September 19 -  PowerPoint lecture: Causes of War and Reasons for Peace.   If time, begin the lectur series on WW1, The Opening Phases of the War (base notesPowerPoint.  
  • Friday, September 20 - Professional Day.  Why not get stuck into your nationalism essay?
Social Studies 11 Honours 

Your Geography textbook is also available online at . 

Last week, when I posted an expected date for your unit test, I miscalculated, forgetting we still have chapter 3 to complete. I rather expect the test will be on Thursday, September 26.  Expect the mark breakdown to be as follows:  65 multiple choice questions and two from a choice of 10 long answer questions - valued at 6 marks each. The total is, therefore, out of 77 marks. 30 properly done flash cards will earn 5 bonus marks.

  • Monday, September 16 - Hand in your thesis/3 supporting and 1 opposing point plan today or tomorrow (10 marks assigned -- based on clarity of the thesis and workable points) Note:  Because of a very large amount of History marking today, I made an executive decision to put this off for another class -- after all, I will not have time to get to it tonight.  Counterpoints  text signed out.   Take up #1 on p. 37. Look at the population pyramids for Japan and Nigeria and go over reasons why their shapes are so different. PowerPoint - continued. Watch Hans Rosling's What Stops Population Growth  We did not complete this in class -- consider finishing it at homeDoom and gloom video. Continue the chapter 2 PowerPoint -- looking at Population theories.  Read pp. 37-41. Do #1-6, p. 39 , #1-6, pp. 41-42. I highly recommend that you read pp. 322-328 in your blue Counterpoints text -- material on the Demographic Transition model always appears on the final exam and will be prominent on your chapters 1-3 unit test.  Sidebar: Doom and gloom text at DieOff.Org - read p. 15, an excerpt from William Catton's Overshoot; The Ecological Base of Revolutionary Change. Read a brief synopsis of Boserup's ideas from York University. Julian Simon was another writer who felt population growth is a good thing. Part of his book Population Matters: People, Resources, Environment, and Immigration is available online.
  • Tuesday, September 17 - Take up #1-6, p. 39 , #1-6, pp. 41-42.  Video segment and questions on Shanghai, Changing China - Urbanization ). Look at Gapcast #2 - Urbanization. Read pp. 42-45. Do #1-5, p. 45. Do the Further Thought assignment #1-5, p. 46.  Read pp. 368-375 in your blue Counterpoints text.  Do #1-4, p.372 & #1, p.375.
  • Wednesday, September 18 - Take up #1-5, p. 45 and Further Thought #1-5, p. 46. and #-14, p. 370 & #1, P. 375 in Counterpoints.  Stewart Brand's City Planet and questions.  Read pp. 54-55.  Do #1-4, pp. 55-56.
  • Thursday, September 19 - Take up#1-4, pp. 55-56.   Chapter 3 PowerPoint. Read pp. 57-70. Do #1-8, p. 61, #1-5, p. 64 and #1-2, p. 70.
  • Friday, September 20 - Professional Day. Why not use some time for review as there is a test next week.