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October 21-25

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This blog provides lesson plans for each week.  Look ahead to see where we are going.  Look back to see what you might have missed. All assignments are provided here.  If anything is underlined, click on it to bring up the document or, in the case of videos, link to an online version of what was scheduled for seeing in class or as enrichment.
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Social Studies 8 

We just finished the Rome unit and are now entering a short unit on the Byzantine (Eastern Roman) Empire and Islamic Civilization.  Expect a unit test around Tuesday, October 29 or Friday, November 1 -- depending on our progress. Expect the mark breakdown to be as follows: 30 multiple choice questions (1 mark each), 5 definitions from a choice of 10 (2 marks each) and a choice of 3 from 5 long answer questions (6 marks each). The test is out of a total of 58 marks. 25 flash cards -- done as I require them -- will result in 5 bonus marks. It is possible to score 63/58 on this test! 

  • Monday, October 21 - Take up #1-7, p. 100. Examine Hosford Atlas, pp. 5-6 (To see scans, click here for p. 5 & click here for p.6). What made Constantinople an important trade crossroads (p. 5)? What evidence can you see on p. 6 that the Byzantines were great engineers and builders? Video:Engineering an Empire; the Byzantine Greekspart 3,part 4. (If you want to see the other parts of this video, here are links to the rest: part 1part 2part 5).  Make more flashcards to study this unit.
  • Tuesday, October 22 - Take up homework. Video: Byzantium (Sorry, not available online); do the questions for Byzantium; Part 2Byzantine Empire Notes handout - do the questions at the end of the handout for homework.. 
  • Wednesday, October 23 - Take up the questions from the Byzantine Empire handout.  Handout, The Conversion of Kievan Rus.  Video: Ivan the Terrible.  How did Ivan the terrible earn his terrible reputation?  Read pp. 100-103.  Do #1-7, p. 103.
  • Thursday, October 24 -  Take up homework. Video: The World; A TV History and questions. Read pp. 103-107. Do #1-7, p. 107.Adapted reading & questions: Read "The Rise of the Moslem Empire, pages 68-72 of World History IMake flash cards for the important terms given on page 68. Answer the What do you think? questions on p. 73. If you are interested in learning much more about Islam and have a couple of hours to spare, watch Islam; Empire of Faith - Prophet Mohammed and the Rise of the Faith. This is really good and quite detailed. For a good, detailed, PBS documentary on the life of Muhammad, watch Muhammad; Legacy of a Prophet. If you would prefer a cartoon version of the same thing, watch Muhammad; The Last Prophet.
  • Friday, October 25 - Professional Day.  Classes are not in session.  Take the time to study for your exam on this unit next week.  You might also look at some of the supplemental material I have posted for this unit.
Social Studies 11 

Your unit test on the History material up to the end of World War I is coming soon.  I expect it to be on Wednesday, October 30 -- if we make the expected progress.  Expect the mark breakdown for the test to be as follows:  40 multiple choice questions (1 mark each), 5 definitions or names (2 marks each) and 4 long answer questions (6 marks each) from a choice of 5. The total is, therefore, out of 74 marks. 5 bonus marks are available for a minimum of 25 flash cards. It is possible to earn 79/74.

  • Monday, October 21 - Mr. Benoy's slides on the Western Front battlefield graves. Take up homework Continue the PowerPoint and People's History segment (part 1) (While watching these segments you need to make notes on the following 3 areas: 1) Describe attitudes toward the war. 2) Describe conditions at the front. 3) What changes did the war bring? Use the Acronym SPERMG to generate classes of ideas -- S=Social, P=Political, E=Economic, R=Religious, G=Geographic). Read pp. 28-33. Do #1 and 3, p. 33. Also answer the questions in figure 2-8, 2-9, and 2-10.
  • Tuesday, October 22 - Take up homework. Complete any of the PowerPoint and People's History material (Watch  part 2 andpart 3.). A Look at wartime propaganda. Posters (also click here for a Canadian exhibition from the Canadian War Museum),PostcardsLeaflets directed at the enemy, Film, and even music. Read this for a nice short treatment of First World War propaganda. An interesting World War I propaganda story is treated in the documentary The Crucified Soldier. If I can find time to show it in class, I will, but if not, you can watch it by linking from here. Read pp. 34-42. Do #1-4, p. 39 and 1 & 3, p. 42. 
  • Wednesday, October 23 - Introductory music: Callin Doon the Line, and The Green Fields of France. Take up #1 and 3, p. 42. Video segment on the Conscription Crisis from Canada; A Peoples' History; Ordeal By Fire;  and handout. While watching the episode answer the following board questions: 1) Why was opposition to the war strongest in Quebec? PowerPoint: Was Conscription the Right Choice? Assignment: Create a poster favouring or opposing conscription in Canada (please restrict yourself to regular paper size). Be sure to employ both text and images. On the back, be sure to identify yourself and provide a short written description of what your intentions are with the poster -- why do you write say what you say on the poster and what do you intend the graphic elements to convey? 10 marks. Due next class. If you have time, look at In the Trenches (part 1 and part 2).
  • Thursday, October 24 - Hand in poster assignment.  Video -The 1917 Federal Election. Questions: 1. What key political issue divided Canadians in 1917. 2. What changes did Borden make to election laws before the next election? Video: The History of the Vote; Women's Right to Vote1. What arguments were made against women getting the vote? 2. How did Nellie McClung fight against these notions? 3. Why did some women get the vote in Federal elections in 1917? 4. How long did it take before all women had the same voting rights as men? Discuss whether our current voting rules are fair for all people. Literature of War Assignment.Handouts and library resources. 10 marks, due Wednesday. Read pp. 42-46. 1) Do you think that the the peace arrangement arrived at in 1919 was workable? Why or why not? 2) How serious was the flu epidemic of 1918-1920?
  • Friday, October 25 - Professional Day.  Classes are not in Session.  Take some time to study for the test next week.
History 12 

We will be completing Topic #3 soon -- I estimate your unit test to be sometime around Thursday, October 31.   Expect the breakdown of marks for the unit test to be roughly: 50 multiple choice questions, 10 map items (1 mark each), 10 definitions (2 marks each), and 3 from 5 paragraph items (6 marks each). The total is, therefore, out of 98 marks.

Click here for the Topic #3 plan.

Click here for the Topic #3 questions.

Click here for the Essay #2 assignment sheet.  This will be due in late November.

Social Studies 11 (Honours) 

The test on Ideologies/Parties and Elections is on Monday, October 21.  The mark breakdown is most likely to be as follows: 30 multiple choice question (1 mark each); 4 items to label on a diagram (1 mark each); 5 definitions - you write a sentence or two about each term or name (2 marks each); 2 long answer questions from a choice of 4 options (6 marks each). The test should, therefore, be out of about 66 marks. 25 properly done flash cards, if submitted in class at the start of the test, will earn 5 bonus marks on the test.  

Quite a while ago we started work on an essay in the Geography unit.  I would like to set the due date for this paper now.  Please be prepared to submit it in mid-November.  It can come in any time in the week of November 18-23.

  • Monday, October 21 - Unit Test - Ideologies/Parties/Elections.
  • Tuesday, October 22 - Exam post-mortem.  Begin Legislative Branch - focus on the House of Commons. Watch this Rick Mercer video introducing Canada's system of government (note that this was before our current Governor General was appointed.  Be sure to look at the Parliament of Canada website. Download, read and study from the Guide to the House of Commons. Read pp. 231-233 sidebar. Do #1-3 in the sidebar on p. 233. 
  • Wednesday, October 23 - Take up #1-3 in the sidebar on p. 233.   Reminder of the physical layout of Parliament.  Video:  Government in Canada; Citizenship in Action; Our National Parliament; the Inside Story (sorry, unavailable online) andquestions.  Discuss the job of a Member of Parliament -- within and outside the House of Commons.  Go online to read On the Job With a Member of Parliament.  Read pp. 226-231 and do #1-3, p. 231.
  • Thursday, October 24 - Take up #1-3, p. 231.  Pros and cons of the current Senate setup.  Intro video on Senate reform.  Watch Rick Mercer on the Mike Duffy Senate Scandal and on the Senate killing a bill passed by the House of Commons Also watch Marg Delahunty ambushing Mike Duffy. Senator Hugh Segal on what to do. Great Britain also has an appointed upper chamber.  Here is singer and activist Billy Bragg speaking about reform of the Senate.  Be sure to look at the Senate material at Mapleleafweb.   Please note:  there will be an essay question on what should be done with the Canadian Senate on the next unit test.  Read pp. 47-54 in the Red Government text.  Do #1-4, p. 48 and #1-5 and #7 on p. 54.  For homework you must also come up with a three-column table listing reasons to:  keep the Senate as it is, reform (change) it, or Abolish it entirely.
  • Friday, October 25 - Professional Day.  Why not use this time to work on the essay?