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February 24-28

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This blog provides lesson plans for each week.  Look ahead to see where we are going.  Look back to see what you might have missed. All assignments are provided here.  If anything is underlined, click on it to bring up the document or, in the case of videos, link to an online version of what was scheduled for seeing in class or as enrichment.  
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Social Studies 8 

Your Geography unit test is coming soon - This Wednesday, February 26.  It will be worth about 75 marks and will involve using your atlas to answer questions posed to you.  You will not be able to use your Geographical Essentials text.  Only a small amount of material must be memorized.  The main thing is to be able to do tasks assigned to you, just as you have done while answering the various skill worksheets we assigned during this unit.

  • Monday, February 24 -  Take up the Time Zone worksheet.  Watch Understanding Time Zones and Why We Have Time Zones.  Do the second time zone worksheet -- complete it for homework.
  • Tuesday, February 25 - Take up the second time zone worksheet.   Geography Review materials. Do the first section and then any sections that gave you trouble as we worked through the unit. The Unit Test for Geography is next class.
  • Wednesday, February 26 -  Unit Test on Geography. If you finish early, sign out the new text book and look through it.
  • Thursday, February 27 - Open House Day - No classes.
  • Friday, February 28 -  Test post-mortem.  Look over exam results and what they mean.  Sign out new texts and return old ones.  What is History?  Why study it?   PowerPoint.  Introduction to History text and to SQ3R study method. Other ways to study History: flashcards , timelines - handout & introduction. See examples of the new Facebook timeline concept - but think carefully before loading personal material online -- anyone can access it and it and content may never disappear! Timeline assignment - personal/family/world - 10 marks, due Monday.

Social Studies 11 

We just had a unit test, so the next test is a couple of weeks away.

  • Monday, February 24 -  Take up #1-4, p. 48 and #1-5 & 7 p. 54.  Essay writing hints.  Introduction to the Executive Branch.  Go over the role of the Queen, Governor General, Prime Minister, and Cabinet.  Read "constitutional Monarchy" on pp. 222-224 of Counterpoints.  Also read "The Governor General" on p. 234.  Identify points for and against getting rid of the monarchy (Queen and Governor General).  Should Canada become a republic?  Why or why not?  Identify at least 3 reasons for and 3 reasons against doing so.  Look at theMonarchist League of Canada and Canadian Monarchist Onlinewebsites for arguments supporting the monarch.  See Citizens for a Canadian Republic for arguments against.  There has also been an active debate on this topic in Australia and New Zealand.  Web searches about their debates would also prove useful.
  • Tuesday, February 25 - Take up homework.  discuss the role of the P.M., Cabinet, and bureaucracy.  Watch Yes, Minister episode.  While watching, decide who really runs a government department -- the Minister?  or the Permanent Secretary (in Canada, the job is called the Deputy Minister)?  Read pp. 234-240.  Do #1-4, p. 240.  Assignment: value 5 marks.  Identify by name each member of the current federal (national) cabinet and be sure to give the name of each department.  This is an assignment -- not a homework check -- so accuracy is an important part of the mark.
  • Wednesday, February 26 - Take up #1-4, p. 240 and hand in the Cabinet assignment.  Discuss lobbying and pressure groups.  Look at the list of institutionalized groups on p. 259 of Counterpoints.  Click here for an online list of federal lobby groups -- interest groups and social movements.  Divide into groups with printed or online background information.  Each group should discuss how to make the public buy into supporting their position.  How should the argument be "spun" to maximize public support for this position?  After discussing as a group, each individual should now work on the Poster Assignment  please note; this is an individual assignment and not a group one as indicated on the online version of the assignment.  It is also due next class and not at the end of this block as the online version says.  Please do this on regular (8.5 x 11 inch, blank) paper.  The assignment is valued at 10 marks and is due next class (Friday).  Also read pp. 258-267.  Do #1-2, p. 264 and #1-3, p. 267 of Counterpoints.
  • Thursday, February 27 - Open House Day - No classes.
  • Friday, February 27 - Take up #1-3, p. 178 (red text). Comparison of Provincial and Federal government set-ups.  Go over material from Wednesday's film.  Video & questions on Provincial and Municipal Government. Read (red book) pp. 186-196. Do #1-6, p 196. Read (blue book) pp. 245-246. Do #2-4, p. 246.