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September 24-28

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Social Studies 11

  • Monday, September 24 - Go over homework -- the Senate Essay planning. Video - Government in Canada; Citizenship in Action; Our National Parliament; the Inside Story and questions. Read Government text pp. 35-36 and do questions 1-4, p. 36 and read pp. 43 and do#1 & 3, p. 44.
  • Tuesday, September 25 - Introduction to the executive branch. Role of the Queen, Governor General and Prime Minister. Reread “Constitutional Monarchy” on p. 223. Identify points for and against getting rid of the Queen and Governor General. Should Canada become a Republic? Why or why not? Identify 3 reasons for and 3 reasons against doing so. Look at the Monarchist League of Canada and the Canadian Monarchist Online websites for arguments supporting the monarch; see Citizens for a Canadian Republic for arguments against retaining the monarchy. There has also been an active debate in Australia and New Zealand on this topic. Web searches would yield useful information.
  • Wednesday, September 26 - Take up homework. Discuss the role of the PM., Cabinet & the bureaucracy. Watch Yes, Minister episode. Read pp. 234-240. Do #1-4, p. 240. Assignment: Value 5 marks, Identify by name each member of the federal (national) cabinet and their department. This is an assignment, not a homework check, so accuracy is part of the mark.
  • Thursday, September 27 - Take up #1-4, p. 240. Lobbying & Pressure Groups. Look at the list of institutionalized groups on p. 259 (Click here for an online list of federal lobby groups - interest groups and social movements). Explain what lobbying is and look at the activities of several lobby groups (not used in group exercise). Divide into groups (with printed - or online --background information) Each group is to come up with a strategy for influencing our present federal government. Report back to class. Poster Assignment - on a regular size sheet of paper -- 8 1/" by 11" is fine (due Friday for block 3 and Monday for block 4 -- more expected from Block 4 because of the extra time) . Read pp. 258-267. Do #1-2, p. 264. Do #1-3, p. 267.
  • Friday, September 28 - Take up homework. Complete group presentations. Overview of the Judiciary - PowerPoint - go to the section on the Judiciary. Read pp. 270-275. Do #1-3, p. 275.

Comparative Civilizations 12

***Important Notice: Delete question #1 in the conclusion section of the Greek package. We will deal with this issue in the next unit instead. Sorry about the inconvenience -- this is an editing matter that I did not get around to fixing. Mia Culpa.

***Your Greece package is to be handed in on in class on Wednesday, September 26 - this is an extension from the Tuesday deadline because I am not able to be here after school - family commitment. The unit test is still a week or so away and it will cover all of the Ancient World, including: Egypt, Greece, Rome & Byzantium. Expect the mark breakdown to be roughly as follows: 25 Slide Identification items (provide the name of the work, the period and the creator -generally 3 chances to earn 2 marks for a total of 50 marks -- but bonus marks are possible), 25 multiple choice (1 mark each), 10 diagram items (1 mark each), 5 definitions (2 marks each) and 1 essay from a choice of 7 topics (24 marks -- 1 x 6 for composition and 3 x 6 for content). The total is, therefore, out of around 119 marks.

History 12

Note: Revised copy of the plan for topic 2.

Essay #1 on nationalism is due on Wednesday in class -- this is an extension because I am unable to stay late on Monday because of an Examinations branch training session and Tuesday because of a family commitment. The unit test for Topic 2 will probably be on Monday, October 1. The test will have the following mark breakdown: 60 multiple choice (1 mark each), 10 map items (1 mark each), 5 definitions (2 marks each), 2 long answer questions (10 marks each). The total is, therefore, out of 100 marks. Your topic 2 work is due the day of the unit test (by 4:30 p.m.). This will be on test day, Monday, October 1.

  • Monday, September 24 - We are a bit behind on the unit plan. Today we will cover 1916 and 1917. (Base notes - 1916, 1917). Essay #1 due.
  • Tuesday, September 25 - The War concluded. (Base notes to 1917 and 1918).
  • Wednesday, September 26 - Total War; the German Experience (base notes).
  • Thursday, September 27 - World War I AV (TBA - depending on availability. This will most likely be segments from The Guns of August).
  • Friday, September 28 - The Paris Peace Conference. Video - Make Germany pay (base notes - Germany & Reparations).