Saturday, May 31, 2008

June 2-6

Grad Weekend is over, so life returns to normal. Tutorial times are back in place again and I won't bite your head off if you need some of my time.

Thanks for your cooperation and understanding.

As of Monday, there are 10 classes left. Now is the time to begin preparing for the final examination.
1) Be sure all assignments are complete.
2) Start studying for the final.Use this blogsite to see what work we will be doing and note homework assignments. I will give advance warning about tests here and inform you of their mark breakdown.
3) E-mail me for an invitation to my "Study-Ning for the Socials 11 Final" social networking site. This is a closed site, requiring a password. People in the outside world cannot access its content. An invitation is required to enter the site. In the site you will find tips for studying and writing exams, example questions, and also discussion forums where you can share ideas with others about how to attack questions and otherwise prepare for the final. Please keep your comments appropriate to a school environment.

For those of you new to my blogsite, it is intended to work alongside my website at:

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Things that are static -- not requiring regular change -- will be posted on the website. This blogsite will have the changing material -- lesson plans and links to particular assignments. I will try to ensure that all assignments are made available on the Internet in this way. If something is underlined on the blog, it means that you can click on it to see a copy of the particular item -- this could be a pdf document, powerpoint, music or a video.

Use this blog to see what is coming up each week. I will usually post it on Saturdays for the following week. If you are away, you can check up on what you are missing. There really is no reason for you not to know what is happening. If you do not have an Internet connection, you certainly know someone who does.

If you can't read the PowerPoint material on your computer, download PowerPoint Viewer from Microsoft. It is free.Sutherland has a license to access Discovery Education's United Streaming video collection. Students may download or stream videos from the collection by going to . Use the passcode posted in the classroom to register. If you have lost it, see me, or e-mail me, for this information. Students are licensed to include this content within their own creations.

I do not read comments posted by readers on this blog -- not through lack of interest, just lack of time. Sorry.

Social Studies 11 (Regular)

The next unit test will be on Monday, June 13. There will be 70 multiple choice questions and a choce of two from 6 long answer questions. It will take 40 flash cards to earn the maximum of 5 bonus marks for this test -- which will cover chapters 1-3 of the Geography text.
  • Monday, June 2. Take up #1-5, p. 45. Streaming video of Stewart Brand at Google --"City Planet" -- with questions. If time, watch PowerPoint Population “Urbanization” – or watch this for homework if we don’t get to it. Read pp. 54-57. Do #1-4, p. 55-56, #1-4, p. 56 and #1-4, p. 57. Video Sidebar: Hans Rosling's Gapcast #2 on Urbanization is a must-see. Find out about life in slums by watching Hans Rosling's "A Slum Insight." This video integrates parts of Gapcast #2.
  • Tuesday, June 3. Take up homework. Begin chapter 3 PowerPoint. You will need to look at anything we do not finish for homework. Read pp. 57-61. Do #1-8, p. 61. Video sidebar: Watch Staffan Landin's Gapcast #3 for a look at Human Development changes between 1960-2001.
  • Wednesday, June 4. Take up homework. Video - Gwynne Dyer's Escaping From History. (Sorry, this one is not available on the Internet). 1) What are living conditions like in Mexico City? 2) Why are people abandoning the countryside? 3) What does Dyer believe must happen for the developing world to get their fair share of consumer goods? Read pp. 62-64. Do #1-5, p. 64. Video sidebar: For a look at what Mexico is doing to sort out air pollution watch the World Resources Institute's "Retrofit Mexico City." (The link is to part 1).
  • Thursday, June 5. Take up homework. Take up homework, continue PowerPoint on chapter 3. If we do not finish this in class, be sure to download and work through the remainder. Read pp. 64-73. Do #1-3, p. 70, #1-8, p. 73. Sidebar: See Gapminder World 2006 for a comparison of the countries of the world.
  • Friday, June 6. Introduction video: "Consumerism; the Musical." Take up homework. Video: Gwynne Dyer's The Bomb Under the World. (Sorry, it is not available on the Internet). While watching this video, answer the questions: How is consumerism changing India? What are the positive and negative consequences for this developing country and for the world? Prepare for chapter 2 & 3 unit test next class. Video sidebar: Watch the video "Big Ideas That Changed the World: Consumerism." (link is to the first segment). This will get you thinking.

Social Studies 11 (Honours)

I am hoping to be able to give the final unit test around Thursday, June 12. This gives us a day for review on Friday, the 13th. However, I cannot guarantee this. I will post the breakdown for the test as soon as possible. 25 flash cards are the minimum to earn the 5 bonus marks alloted.

  • Monday, June 2 - Take up homework. PowerPoint from Post 1945 Canada. Material from Canada; A Peoples’ History; Comfort & Fear. (Seeing Red, On Guard for Thee and The Shadow of Nuclear War - questions). Read pp. 135-145. Do #1-5, p. 139 & #1-4 & #6, p. 146. Watch the stunning British Documentary Nuclear War: A Guide to Armageddon (Part 1, Part 2 & Part 3) to understand the stakes of nuclar confrontation. Another rivetting show on nuclear war is Threads (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12, Part 13), a BBC production about what would happen to a community if nuclear war occurred.
  • Tuesday, June 3 - Take up homework. Colntinue PowerPoint material from Post 1945 Canada ("Diefenbaker and the United States" & "Trudeau and the World"). Material from Canada; A Peoples’ History; Comfort & Fear. (First Tremors, A Prairie Storm & The Fight for Medicare - questions). Read p. 146-156. Do #1-4, p. 150 & #1-5, p. 156 and #1-4, sidebar, p. 155.
  • Wednesday, June 4 - Take up homework. PowerPoint material from Post 1945 Canada ("Immigration," "Louis St. Laurent, "The End of Liberal Power" & "The Canadian Economy"). If time, watch the following episodes from Canada; A People's History -- Boom, Affluence for Almost All, & First Tremors & questions. Read pp. 157- 167. Do #1-4, p. 158 & #1-6, p. 167.
  • Thursday, June 5 - Introductory music video - Mes Aïeux - Dégénération. Take up homework. Watch Canada; A People's History -- Time for Change, Maitres Chez Nous, & Vive le Quebec Libre & questions. PowerPoint The Quiet and Not So Quiet Revolution. Read pp. 177-187 & 190-194. Do #2 & 3, p. 182, #1-4, p. 187, and #1-3, 4a and 5 on p. 194. Watch and listen to material from the CBC archives -- on Maurice Dupplessis and Jean Lesage on the Quiet Revolution - Masters of Our Own House.
  • Friday, June 6- Take up #2 & 3, p. 182, #1-4, p. 187, and #1-3, 4 and 5 on p. 194. Watch Canada; A People's History "October, 1970," "The Choice" and "The Night of the Long Knives" and do the questions. PowerPoint The Quiet and Not So Quiet Revolution. Read pp. 194-204. Do #1-5 & 7, p. 200 and #1-5, p. 204 also figure 8-4, p. 195 & 8-7, p. 198.