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April 20-24

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Things that are static -- not requiring regular change -- will be posted on the website. This blogsite will have the changing material -- lesson plans and links to particular assignments. I will try to ensure that all assignments are made available on the Internet in this way. If something is underlined on the blog, it means that you can click on it to see a copy of the particular item -- this could be a pdf document, PowerPoint, music or a video.

Use this blog to see what is coming up each week. I will usually post it on Saturdays for the following week. If you are away, you can check up on what you are missing. There is no reason for you not to know what is happening. If you do not have an Internet connection, you certainly know someone who does. If too ill to work while away, be sure to attach a note from home to any overdue work when you hand it in and I will most likely waive any late deduction.

If you can't read the PowerPoint material on your computer, download PowerPoint Viewer from Microsoft. It is free.Sutherland has a license to access Discovery Education's United Streaming video collection. Students may download or stream videos from the collection by going to . Use the passcode posted in the classroom and given to you on your course outline to register. If you have lost it, see me, or e-mail me, for this information. Students are licensed to include this content within their own creations.

My tutorial times are officially 2:55-3:15 every Monday and Friday. However, I am available most days before school, at noon and after school. Drop by or make an appointment if you need guaranteed time.

Social Studies 11 (Honours)

There is an ongoing assignment. This is the Family History Assignment (See also the International Students' Version and First Nations Students' Version ) - which will not be due until mid May. (See also the BBC's pedigree sheet - a rough form to serve as a starting point for your own pedigree).

The next unit test is a little way off right now -- a week or so -- and will cover both the interwar years and World War II.

  • Monday, April 20 - Take up #1-4, p. 115. Episode 2; Canada Remembers; The Liberators; D-Day to the Rhine and questions. Read 115-122. Do #1, 2 & 4, p. 122.

  • Tuesday, April 21 - Take up #1, 2 & 4, p. 122. View some of the Omaha Beach segment from Saving Private Ryan - You are not obligated to see this as it is extremely graphic and has been described as the closest approximation yet made on film of actual combat. Complete Episode 2; Canada Remembers; The Liberators - D-Day to the Rhine and questions. Begin Episode 3; Canada Remembers; Endings & Beginnings and questions. Read pp. 122-125. Do #1-3, p. 125.

  • Wednesday, April 22- Take up #1-3, p. 125. Complete Episode 3; Canada Remembers; Endings & Beginnings and questions. If there is time, we will begin watching The Valour and the Horror; Savage Christmas. While watching it, do the questions and prepare for the assignment given at the end of the question sheet. Read pp. 125-128. Do sidebar question p. 128 & 1-4, p. 128.

  • Thursday, April 23 - Take up sidebar question p. 128 & 1-4, p. 128. Continue (& probably finish The Valour & the Horror; Savage Christmas, the questions, and begin work on the assignment at the end of the questions. Complete the assignment for Monday - unless we do not finish the film in class today. Read the sidebar on pp. 126-127 & handouts. Do #1-2, p. 127. OK - we did not finish the video, so you will not have to hand in the assignment until after we complete 1) the film and 2) the unit test is out of the way. It will n ow be due on Wednesday.

  • Friday, April 24 - No classes today. This is a school professional day. Use the extra time to review and preview final exam material at the government web site: Past Provincial Exams & Keys and Exam Specifications (along with other supporting materials). Learn Now BC is also a helpful site.

History 12

Topic #4 plan and Topic #4 questions are available. Do not procrastinate on the questions to this and further units. Completing them all at last minute will not produce your best results. Don't forget, graduation activities become increasing distractions as the year comes to a close!
Good online video material to supplement our studies can be found at
Benoy's Directory of Googlevideo & Youtube videos of or about Nazi Germany, Benoy's Directory of Googlevideo & Youtube Songs of and about the Spanish Civil War. Benoy's Directory of Googlevideo & Youtube World War II Documentaries and Frontline's Memories of the Camps video.- Outstanding footage of liberated SS concentration camps. Don't forget to look at the resources available on my Topic #4 webpage.

The Topic #4 Unit Test is rapidly approaching -- expect it on Monday, April 27. The mark breakdown is as follows: 70 multiple choice questions (1 mark each), 5 map items (1 mark each), and 2 from 4 Long Answer questions (12 marks each - based on 2 x 6). The total value will therefore be around 99 marks.

Note: An excellent series of short segments on World War II is available, starting with They Were There; War months WW2 - Prelude 2. We will use segments from this in class from time to time, replacing damaged 20th Century History segments. I highly recommend watching all of this online series if you have the time. Better still, but really time consuming, is the terrific British series The World at War. Start with The World At War - First segment - Episode 1 - A New Germany and carry on from there as many videos are available on Youtube.

  • Monday, April 20 - Finish World War II chronology (base notes). World War II; the British Experience (base notes). Watch The World at War; Home Fires on the British Experience (part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5).

  • Tuesday, April 21 - Complete the British Experience if we did not do so on Monday. Shoah/the Holocaust (base notes). Note - We did not complete this material until Wednesday.

  • Wednesday, April 22 - Note - this material moved to Thursday. AV - The World at War; Episode 20; the Holocaust. Available online in bits (part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5). You might also like to watch Hitler's Henchmen; Heinrich Himmler to get some insight into the head of the SS.

  • Thursday, April 23 - Note - this material moved to Monday. The Wartime Conferences (base notes). The Unit test for this section will be on Tuesday, April 28.

  • Friday, April 24 - No Classes - School Professional Day. Could the timing be better? Complete the topic #4 work and prepare for the unit test on Monday.

Comparative Civilizations 12

The Middle Ages is rapidly coming to a close for us. Expect a unit test on Monday, April 27 -- though the first Renaissance Package will be assigned on Thursday of this week -- the 23rd. The mark breakdown is as follows: 10 slide identification items (2 marks each), requiring you to name the work and say what city it can be found in - give the country for 1/2 a mark; Church Floorplan and nave elevation parts identification (1 mark each), 40 multiple choice questions (1 mark each); 2 from a choice of 3 illustration interpretation questions (6 marks each) and one essay question from a selection of 7 questions (18 marks - 1 x 6 for composition and 2 x 6 for content). The total value of the test is, therefore, 100 marks. This unit test covers everything from Islamic Civilization to the end of the Gothic Age.