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September 17-21

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Comparative Civilizations 12 

Expect a unit test on the Ancient World at the end of September or early in October. I will post a breakdown of test marks on this blog as we get closer to test day.

The Greece Package is due on Tuesday of next week.

History 12 

The first History test will be on Monday of this week -- postponed from last week. There will likely be 15 multiple choice questions (1 mark each), 10 definitions -- where I give you the definition and you give me the term or name (1 mark each), 5 definitions -- where I give you the term or name and you provide the definition or why the person is important (2 marks each), and one essay (worth 18 marks - with 6 for composition and 2x6 for content). The test will most likely be out of 53 marks.

Make sure that your Topic #1 work is in today or you will face a late deduction on your mark.

Don't forget that Essay #1 is out there and due on September 28.

  • Monday, September 17 - Topic #1 Unit Test.    Pick up Topic #2 Plan (Please note that the plan went to print before we postponed the Topic #1 test to today -- it is already a day off) and Topic #2 Questions.
  • Tuesday, September 18 - Complete any unfinished material from last Friday --  Begin Imperialism & Social Darwinism PowerPoint (base notes).  Begin  Europe Before World War I - the Alliance system. Begin looking at the nations of Europe before the War. Base notes. Work on Topic #2 Questions.
  • Wednesday, September 19 -  Continue with the nations of Europe before the war - finish Russia/France/Britain - base notes -- then continue with the Ottoman Empire/Germany & Italy - base notes.
  • Thursday, September 20 -   Finish the countries of Europe before the war - concluding Ottoman Empire/Germany & Italy -base notes. If time, look at causes of the war and reasons for peace in 1914 - base notes.
  • Friday, September 21 - Professional Day - No Classes - What a great opportunity to work on the Topic #2 questions or to work on your research essay.

Social Studies 11 

Expect your first unit test on Ideologies/Parties/Elections to, most likely,be on Monday, September 24 -- or thereabout.  We will start the next unit before then, but this will give you the weekend to study.  The mark breakdown is most likely to be as follows: 30 multiple choice question (1 mark each); 4 items to label on a diagram (1 mark each); 5 definitions - you write a sentence or two about each term or name (2 marks each); 2 long answer questions from a choice of 4 options (6 marks each). The test should, therefore, be out of about 66 marks.

  • Monday, September 17 - Take up I Can Vote and #1-3 & 5, p. 115. Elections handout. Elections in Canada – The first-by-the-post system. (If time; proportional representation too). Read Government pp. 88-97. Do #4, p. 97. Research Canadian federal political parties. Which party would you support in the next federal election? Why? About a half page or so of writing is needed to adequately answer this question. Value: 10 marks, due Tuesday (next class). Find political party information at Elections Canada's registered political parties page.  Watch this video account of the problems with first past the post elections.
  • Tuesday, September 18 - Take up #1-3, p. 257 & #4, p. 97. Elections lesson – day 2. Various voting systems. BCSTVanimation. Assignment: What electoral system do you feel is best? Why? (due Monday. About 1 page).
  • Wednesday, September 19 -  Note: We are beginning the next unit today and this material will not be on Monday's's test. We are doing so to test on the day indicated in earlier blog-posts. I will explain my flash card bonus mark policy today. Begin Legislative Branch - focus on the House of Commons. Be sure to look at the Parliament of Canada website. Download, read and study from the Guide to the House of Commons. Read pp. 231-233 sidebar. Do #1-3 in the sidebar on p. 233. Study for the test Monday.
  • Thursday, September 20 - Originally this was to be test day, but we've postponed until Monday. 
    • Take up #1-3 in the sidebar on p. 233. Reminder of the physical layout of Parliament. Video - Government in Canada; Citizenship in Action; Our National Parliament; the Inside Story and questions. Discuss the job of a Member of Parliament - within and outside the House of Commons. Go online to read On the Job With a Member of Parliament). Read 226-231. Do #1-3, p. 231.
  • Friday, September 21 - Professional day, so classes are not in session. Use this time to catch up on any missed assignments.