Tuesday, September 04, 2012

September 5-7

Welcome back all!

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Comparative Civilizations 12

The Egypt package will likely be due at the end of next week. (We may adjust this, depending on our progress .)

Expect a unit test on the Ancient World at the end of September or early in October. I will post a breakdown of test marks on this blog as we get closer to test day.

History 12

Our first unit is an introduction to History and the Writing of History.

Be aware, this is a lecture course. Because almost all students who sign up for this course are university or college bound, I have structured the course in this way to help you make the transition to post-secondary studies easier. Class work will be done entirely outside of class time. I will give you a plan at the start of each unit, which sets out a suggestion about when you should complete what. You may handle this differently if your personal timetable requires that you rearrange the work. However, the due dates are clearly set down. If they present problems for you, I need to know ahead of time and will likely arrange an extension, if the circumstances warrant doing so.

You must be sure to visit The History Guide for excellent background material supporting this course.

Expect to write your first quiz on or about Thursday, September 13. There will likely be 15 multiple choice questions (1 mark each), 10 definitions -- where I give you the definition and you give me the term or name (1 mark each), 5 definitions -- where I give you the term or name and you provide the definition or why the person is important (2 marks each), and one essay (worth 18 marks - with 6 for composition and 2x6 for content). The test will most likely be out of 53 marks.

All Topic #1 work is due by 4:30 p.m. on the day of the test. Essay #1 is due a couple of weeks later.

If you get the chance, take 76 minutes to watch a panel of historians talk about History's Value Today.

Social Studies 11

We will begin with the Government unit and start with the old red text to deal with ideologies. You will get the Counterpoints text, which we will use for most of the semester, once we get past ideologies -- which Counterpoints does not deal with well.

Expect your first unit test on Ideologies/Parties/Elections to, most likely,be on Friday, September 21 -- or thereabout. The mark breakdown is most likely to be as follows: 30 multiple choice question (1 mark each); 4 items to label on a diagram (1 mark each); 5 definitions - you write a sentence or two about each term or name (2 marks each); 2 long answer questions from a choice of 4 options (6 marks each). The test should, therefore, be out of about 66 marks.

  • Thursday, September 6 - Hand out textbooks. Complete anything missed from yesterday's introduction. Discuss whether or not government is necessary. Introduction to the three branches of government. Read pp. 2-6 in redGovernment text. Do #1-4, p. 6.
  • Friday, September 7 - Take up homework. Introduction to ideologies. Origins of the Political Spectrum. Read pp. 7-15 in Government text. Do #1-5, p. 11 and #1-6, pp. 15-16. To identify your own ideology, take the onlinePolitical Compass Quiz.