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December 17-21

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Comparative Civilizations 12 

Man the Measure of All Things package.  This package was due last Wednesday -- there are still a few outstanding. 

Hero as Artist package.  This can come in any time this week -- though with our test on Wednesday, you will want to have most of it done by then.

Reformation; Protest and Communication package.  This will be due two days after we get back in January.  (Note, this is a very short unit.)

If you get the chance, find out a little more about the Reformation.  Why not watch some good documentaries.  Here are a few suggestions:  Christianity - A History; Part 5; the Reformation for a quick look at the changes it brought.  For a really detailed account of the Reformation, look at this series of films:  (1 hour each) The Protestant Revolution; Part 1; The Politics of Belief,The protestant Revolution; Part 2; The Godly FamilyThe Protestant Revolution; Part 3; A Reformation of the Mindand The Protestant Reformation; Part 4; No Rest for the Wicked.  Short and informative, but a little more schoolish, try: The Protestant Reformation; Part 1and Part 2.

So here is the test  breakdown -- though I am still modifying it at the time of writing, so it may be slightly different from this breakdown -- though not by much.  20 Slide Identification - identify the art work and artist (40 marks); 45 multiple choice questions (45 marks) and 3 from a choice of 6 long answer questions (18 marks). The total value of the test is, therefore, 101 marks.

History 12 

Topic #5 and 6 Plan. -- note, to ensure we have enough classes to complete course content, we will run units 5 and 6 into one -- "The Cold War" and we will not waste a block for a unit test as this material will form a significant part of the final exam that we write at the end of the course in any case.  These questions will also be submitted in two parts.  Questions #1-62 will come in at the end of the first week in January (marked out of 35) and the remainder are due on the last day of classes (marked out of 15).

Topic #5 and 6 questions

Episode 1 - Comrades; 1917-1945.

Episode 4 - Berlin; 1948-1949.

Episode 5 - Korea; 1950-1953.
Episode 6 - Reds; 1947-1953.
Episode 8 - Sputnik; 1949-1961.
Episode 9 - The Wall; 1958-1963.
Episode 10 Cuba; 1959-1962.
Episode 11 Vietnam; 1954-1968.
Episode 14 Red Spring; 1960s.
Episode 15 China; 1949-1972.
Episode 16 Detente; 1969-1975.
Episode 18 Backyard; 1954-1990.
Episode 19 Freeze; 1977-1981.
Episode 21 Spies; 1944-1994.
Episode 22 Star Wars; 1981-1988.

Here, at last, is essay #3.  It is due a week before the end of the semester -- note, this is a week later than indicated on the assignment sheet -- bonus time because I have been tardy in posting it.

Social Studies 11 

We have just completed the last part of our History unit and will test all of the 1945 to the Present material on Monday.

Expect the test to have roughly the following mark breakdown:  43 multiple choice questions (1 mark each), 5 definitions (2 marks each) and a choice of 3 from 5 choices (6 marks each). The test is, therefore, out of 71 marks. 30 flash cards are needed to earn 5 marks.

Even though it is getting a little long in the tooth, we will use our locally developed text book for the heart of the Geography unit (in fact the content was written about the same time as most of the material in the Blue text -- given that it takes about 2-3 years to get a book from the writing to the publishing stage).  The main advantage of the local text is that you can access it online at  21st Century World . Just click on the title to access the table of contents and go to what you want from there.

Note that we will test chapters 1-3 of the Geography unit together, in January.

  • Monday, December 17 - Unit Test on post-war Canada.  If you do not have ready access to the Internet at home, be sure to sign out a text book.  If you do have such access, just use a text book in class when you need it and use the online version elsewhere.  These books are wearing out and we can keep them going until I retire this way.  Read pp. 6-11. Do #1-5, p. 11.
  • Tuesday, December 18 - Take up homework.  Introduce Geography portion of the course. PowerPoint for Ch. 1 - Geography.  Read pp. 12-16. Do #1-9, p. 16 & #1-4, pp. 16-17.
  • Wednesday, December 19 - Take up homework.   Complete chapter 1 PowerPoint. Begin watching An Inconvenient TruthYour job while watching this film is to: 1) Identify Gore's thesis in this film. 2) List the evidence he cites to prove his thesis. 3) Explain why Gore convinced you or did not convince you that we must take immediate action to deal with climate change.  Homework:  Do you agree that Climate change is real?  Should Canadians take action?  Do you agree with our government pulling out of the international agreement to reduce carbon emissions -- the Kyoto Accord?  Explain.
  • Thursday, December 20 - Take up homework. Continue watching An Inconvenient Truth. Read pp. 17-20. Do #1-2, p. 17 & #1-4, p. 21.
  • Friday, December 21 - Take up homework.  Watch Climate of Doubt which deals with the Climate Change denial viewpoint.  While watching it, answer the following questions:  1.  What groups in society are most prominent in denying climate change?  2.  What are their reasons for doing so?  

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!