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June 3-7

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I also have photos from the Honours Luncheon, May 30.  I have been directed not to post these publicly.  If you want to see them or would like a copy of one or more pictures, please see me personally.

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There are only 2 weeks of classes left!  Those of you who are behind in submitting work need to catch-up now.

Now is also the time to begin studying for final exams.

History 12

Topic #5 and 6 (Cold War) Plan and Questions.

Pick up:  Topic #5 & 6 (Cold War) Plan and Questions.

Essay #3 is due this week.  With such a small group in the class, I will accept them withoug penalty up to the last day of classes -- marking deadlines are not a problem with this class.  Here's a special deal...Your score on this essay can be substituted for one on an earlier paper (proportional to the original essay's mark total).  If you do not want to substitute, a bonus of 5 will be added to your last exam score.

All questions for the final unit are due by the last day of classes.

To save class time, there will not be a Cold War test.  Rather, there will be considerable Cold War material on the final exam. 

Note that when base notes and PowerPoints are listed below, the PowerPoints are more up to date -- most were written from 2010 onward.
Be sure to watch as many of the CNN/BBC Cold War series as possible.  This is absolutely the best account of the Cold War on film. We saw the first episode and will see some in class, but cannot take the time to look at all of them.  Here are the links:

Episode 1 - Comrades; 1917-1945.
Episode 4 - Berlin; 1948-1949.
Episode 5 - Korea; 1950-1953.
Episode 6 - Reds; 1947-1953.
Episode 8 - Sputnik; 1949-1961.
Episode 9 - The Wall; 1958-1963.
Episode 10 Cuba; 1959-1962.
Episode 11 Vietnam; 1954-1968.
Episode 14 Red Spring; 1960s
Episode 15 China; 1949-1972.
Episode 16 Detente; 1969-1975.
Episode 18 Backyard; 1954-1990.
Episode 19 Freeze; 1977-1981.
Episode 21 Spies; 1944-1994.
Episode 22 Star Wars; 1981-1988.

***This is a short semester and I am unable to complete everything needed in class time.  We will not have the lectures on European and Japanese Resurgence.  I have rounded out the American domestic material in its place.  Please look at this on your own -- here is the lesson Plan:

Economic Resurgence in Western Europe (base notes). Watch this short American video clip on America's reasons for launching the Marshall Plan (1 1/2 minutes). For a look at British 1980's cynicism about European cooperation, watch this 3 minute segment from Yes, Minister. The opposing view can be seen in this short pro-European Union animation (3 minute) made to explain the EU to the British public. Introductory video:European Union; 50 Years in 5 Minutes.

Social Studies 8

The Renaissance and Reformation test will be  Monday, June 4, though we will start our last unit on Friday.  We will  conclude the course with a unit on India, China and (if time permits), Japan (this is a short semester, so I expect we will not have time for the latter). 

I expect the Renaissance and Reformation test will be as follows: 25 multiple choice questions (1 mark each) and a choice of two from four long answer questions (6 marks each). The total is, therefore, out of 37 marks. 30 properly-done flashcards are needed to earn 3 bonus marks. 

I will decide whether or not there will be a unit test on Indian and Chinese civilization when we get closer to the end.  If we cannot afford the time, we will just ensure that this material is evaluated on the final exam.  I rather think we need class time to cover curriculum.

bonus assignment is now available to help you boost your mark before the final exam. Look at it and follow the instructions.   

  • Monday, June 3 - Unit test on the Renaissance and Reformation. If you finish early, work on the map assignment:  The Indian Sub-Continent.  Be sure to have #1-5, p. 22 done as we will take this material up next class.  
  • Tuesday, June 4 - Take up #1-5, p. 22.  Hand in Map Assignment. PowerPoints:   Hinduism and Buddhism . We will also watch a short video presentation on Hinduism and Buddhism and answer these questions.  Read pp. 22-26.  Do #1-7, p. 26.  If you have the time, watch John Green's Buddha and Asoka; Crash Course.
  • Wednesday, June 5 -  Take up homework.  Watch What the Ancients did For Us; India - part 1part 2part 3part 4, part 5,part 6. List important Indian inventions and explain their significance. Read pp. 26-28, do #1-5, p. 28.
  • Thursday, June 6 - Take up homework answers in class. Video on Akbar the Great - sorry, this is a video tape that is not available on the Internet. Why is Akbar considered one of the great figures in world history? If not in class -- or if you would like to learn more, watch Michael Wood's documentary: The Story of Indiapart 27part 28.   Read pp. 112-116.  Do #1-6, p. 116.
  • Friday, June 7 - Take up homework.  Watch Three Teachings, an introduction to Chinese culture and its roots in Confucianism, Taoism and Buddism.  1.  Why is it possible for people to believe in all three teachings at the same time?   2.  What does each belief system focus on?    Read pp. 28-31.  Do #1-5, p. 31.