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June 10 - 14

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This is the last week of classes!  Those of you who are behind in submitting work need to catch-up now.

Now is also the time to begin studying for final exams.

All work must be submitted by the last day of classes to guarantee that it is taken into consideration in calculating your final mark.  The only exceptions to this will be students currently not passing their courses.  I will accept work during the following week for those individuals.  If you are not sure if you qualify for this, see me!

History 12

Your final exam is on Tuesday, June 18, between 9 am and 11 am in the small gym.  Be sure to bring your text books or you will be billed at the exam.

Topic #5 and 6 (Cold War) Plan and Questions.

Essay #3 is due this week.  With such a small group in the class, I will accept them without penalty up to the last day of classes -- marking deadlines are not a problem with this class.  Here's a special deal...Your score on this essay can be substituted for one on an earlier paper (proportional to the original essay's mark total).  If you do not want to substitute, a bonus of 5 will be added to your last exam score.

All questions for the final unit are due by the last day of classes.

To save class time, there will not be a Cold War test.  Rather, there will be considerable Cold War material on the final exam. 

Note that when base notes and PowerPoints are listed below, the PowerPoints are more up to date -- most were written from 2010 onward.

Be sure to watch as many of the CNN/BBC Cold War series as possible.  This is absolutely the best account of the Cold War on film. We saw the first episode and will see some in class, but cannot take the time to look at all of them.  Here are the links:

Episode 1 - Comrades; 1917-1945.
Episode 4 - Berlin; 1948-1949.
Episode 5 - Korea; 1950-1953.
Episode 6 - Reds; 1947-1953.
Episode 8 - Sputnik; 1949-1961.
Episode 9 - The Wall; 1958-1963.
Episode 10 Cuba; 1959-1962.
Episode 11 Vietnam; 1954-1968.
Episode 14 Red Spring; 1960s
Episode 15 China; 1949-1972.
Episode 16 Detente; 1969-1975.
Episode 18 Backyard; 1954-1990.
Episode 19 Freeze; 1977-1981.
Episode 21 Spies; 1944-1994.
Episode 22 Star Wars; 1981-1988.

***This is a short semester and I am unable to complete everything needed in class time.  We will not have the lectures on European and Japanese Resurgence.  I have rounded out the American domestic material in its place.  Please look at this on your own -- here is the lesson Plan:

Economic Resurgence in Western Europe (base notes). Watch this short American video clip on America's reasons for launching the Marshall Plan (1 1/2 minutes). For a look at British 1980's cynicism about European cooperation, watch this 3 minute segment from Yes, Minister. The opposing view can be seen in this short pro-European Union animation (3 minute) made to explain the EU to the British public. Introductory video:European Union; 50 Years in 5 Minutes.

  • Monday, June 10 - Complete the lecture: Rise of Islamic Fundamentalism (base notes, PowerPoint - The Islamic Revival and World Politics ).  If we finish the lecture material early, we will look at one of the following documentaries:  Iranian Revolution 1979 (5 minutes - a film sympathetic to the Shah of Iran), and/or this clip from the American documentary Crisis in Iran.  This clip from LinkTV translates a report from Iranian TV during the Arab Spring in 2012, comparing events in Egypt with Iran in 1979 -- the comparison is more starling when one realizes that after this report, the Islamic Brotherhood went on to win Egypt's first free elections.  When you get time, consider watching the three hour documentary Iran and the West. As this class is a general introduction to rising Islamic fundamentalism, sometimes referred to as Islamism, why not watch the Irish documentary Whose Afraid of Islam (part 1part 2)an interesting look at cultural struggles.
  • Tuesday, June 11 - Afghanistan (continued from yesterday's lecture notes).  We begin with more music and video clips: Black TulipAlexander Rosenbaum's KaravanFarewell AfghanistanLyube music video set to scenes from 9ya rota (9th CompanyRussian film of Afghan war) , also the title track. I don't think the lecture will take the full length of time, so we will conclude with a video from the Cold War series: Soldiers of God; 1975-1988.
  • Wednesday, June 12 - Music video clips again -- Tyd om te Trek, & Die Kaplyn by Bok van Blerk, Asimbomanga &  Scatterlings of Africa by Johnny Clegg.  Southern Africa and the Fall of Apartheid (base notes, PowerPoint: The Rise and Fall of Apartheid.).  
  • Thursday, June 13 - More introductory music:JawanasibekiDecember African Rain Great Heart,  and the multi-lingual (xhosa, Zulu, Sesotho, Afrikaans and English)national anthem.  Start with a 23 minute video: Spear Cleansing, about Letlapa Mphalele, who ordered the killing of whites, and Ginn Fourie, who's daughter was killed on the order of Mphalele. Both are now friends and colleagues.   Finish the lecture, Southern Africa and the Fall of Apartheid (base notes). Watch Poor Whites Rich Blacks in South Africa - a new reality in South Africa.  On your own, watch a couple of films when you get the chance:  Cry Freedom about the life and death of black activist Steven Biko, and Invictus about nation building (and rugby's role) in post-apartheid South Africa  - or see for yourself the emotional singing of the anthem at the 1995 Rugby World Cup.
  • Friday, June 14 - Mr. Benoy is attending his son's graduation at SFU.  Please hand in any remaining work to the Teacher On Call and I will collect it at the end of the day for marking.  Watch The Cold War; Episode 24Conclusions; 1989-1991.
Social Studies 8

Your final exam is set for Tuesday, June 18 between 9 am and 10:30 am in the small gym.  Bring your texts to the test where they will be collected before you start.  If you do not bring them, you will receive a bill at that time.

bonus assignment is  available to help you boost your mark before the final exam. Look at it and follow the instructions.   You need to hand this work in on or by the Friday of this week to ensure that it is taken into account in your final class mark.  If your mark is currently under 50%, you can continue this work until the end of next week, but not beyond this.  You can also make arrangements to come in for extra help during the exam schedule -- but only at times where I do not have other commitments (collecting texts prior to my tests, invigilating exams).

  • Monday, June 10 - Take up homework. Video -- sorry this is unavailable on the Internet - on Shih Huang Ti (the Chi'in First Emperor). 1. How was the emperor able to unify China? 2. Why is he generally seen as an evil figure in history? 3. What great building project did he create? 4. How did he try to become immortal? Watch this film, Shih Huang Di as a substitute or to learn more. Read pp. 31-36. Do #1-6, p. 36.  If we have time this class, I will also show you John Green's Crash Course; the Silk Road and Ancient Trade.  If we don't have time, please watch it on your own.
  • Tuesday, June 11 - Take up #1-6, p. 36. Watch What the Ancients Did for Us; the Chinese - A few advertisements in Chinese will appear before the video starts, so be patient. What great contributions did the Chinese give to the world. If we do not finish seeing this video, you are expected to do so for homework.  Read pp. 117-121.  Do #1-5, p. 121.
  • Wednesday, June 12 - Take up #1-5, p. 121.  Watch Genghis Khan.  1. How did Genghis Khan unify the Mongols? 2. Where did the Mongols expand after unification? 3. Why were the Mongols so successful.  Read pp. 123-125. Do #1-7, p. 125.
  • Thursday, June 13 - Take up #1-7, p. 125.  Watch The Mongol Hordes; Storm From the East; Episode 04; The Last Khan of Khans.  While watching, answer the following questions.  1.  How did Kublai Khan become the leader of China?   2.  How did he maintain control over China, despite being a Mongol outsider?   3. What contact did Kublai Khan's China have with the outside world?  Study for the final exam or get in overdue material or bonus work.
  • Friday, June 14 - This class is reserved for completing missed work, bonus work, and preparing for the final exam.