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May 12-16

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This blog provides lesson plans for each week.  Look ahead to see where we are going.  Look back to see what you might have missed. All assignments are provided here.  If anything is underlined, click on it to bring up the document or, in the case of videos, link to an online version of what was scheduled for seeing in class or as enrichment.  
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Grad Boat Cruise photos are now posted.

Recent albums include the Centennnial Theater and Sutherland concerts of the Asahikawa High School Wind Orchestra, the Senior Girls' soccer games vs Howe Sound, Carson, Windsor and Seycove. The Junior Girls vs Windsor, Handsworth, & the playoff game vs Sentinel, the Junior Boys' rugby game vs Seycove, and the May 9 Ultimate Tournament.

Social Studies 8 

We are working on the longest unit of the year -- The Middle Ages in Europe.  This will involve studying all of chapters 3, 4 and 5 before we write out next test.  This is Wednesday, May 21.  Expect 49 multiple choice questions (1 mark each) and 4 from a choice of 7 long answer questions (6 marks each).  The test total is out of 73 marks.  30 flash cards may earn up to 5 bonus marks.

We will watch two episodes of Terry Jones' Medieval Lives in class. If you want to see about the lives of other medieval people, here are links to other episodes: The MonkThe DamselThe MinstrelThe PhilosopherThe OutlawThe King. A terrific documentary about medieval life is Michael Woods' Christina; A Medieval Life. Be sure to watch this if you get the chance. It gives real insight into 14th Century peasant life. Mr. Benoy is particularly fond of this film as it describes medieval live in the English County in which he was born. We may or may not get a chance to work this into a class.

Interested in Medieval weapons? Watch Weapons that Made Britain; The Long SwordWeapons that Made Britain; the Lance and The Weapons that Made Britain; The Longbow, Weapons that Made Britain; the Shield. Watch Battlefield Britain; Hastings about the Norman conquest of Britain.

Interested in medieval lifestyles? Try Clarissa and the King's Cookbook to see how medieval royals ate. Try also Inside the Medieval World; Knowledge - what medieval people knew. Investigate life in England's greatest medieval city -- London -- in Filthy Cities; Medieval Londonnot a pretty place, but like the expanding great cities of the developing world today, a place of horror and opportunity.

Your Medieval Research assignmens are due Monday.  I hope to have them all marked and returned to you by Friday.  Bear with me; these take some time to mark.

Social Studies 11 

Your next unit test is this Monday.  The mark breakdown for the unit test is most likely to be as follows: 45 multiple choice questions (1 mark each), 5 definitions (2 marks each) and 3 from a choice of 5 long answer questions (6 marks each). The total is, therefore, out of 73 marks. 5 bonus marks are available if you submit more than 25 flash cards done as required.

  • Monday, May 12 - Unit Test on The Interwar Years and World War 2.
  • Tuesday, May 13 - Test Post-Mortem.  Take up sidebar questions pp. 140, 141 #1-2, 143 #3, 145 and #1-6, p. 146.   Watch Canada; A People's History; Seeing Red, On Guard For Thee and The Shadow of Nuclear War and go over the questions. PowerPoint Post 1945 Canada. Material from Canada; A Peoples’ History; Comfort & Fear. .  On your own and outside of class, watch the stunning British Documentary Nuclear War: A Guide to Armageddon  to understand the stakes of nucelar confrontation. Another riveting show on nuclear war is Threads, a BBC production about what would happen to a community if nuclear war occurred. 
  • Wednesday, May 14 - Material from Canada; A Peoples’ History; Comfort & Fear.  ("First Tremors" "A Prairie Storm" & "The Fight for Medicare" - questions) If time, PowerPointPost 1945 Canada. Read pp. 146-156. Do sidebars p. 146 ; #1-4, p. 150, #1-3, p. 155 & #1-5, p, p. 156.
  • Thursday, May 15 - Blocks 3 & 4 differ today.  I will show block 3 a Cold War Video or two.  Block 4 will attend a speaker in the big gym -- News reporter and analyst Gwynne Dyer.
  • Friday, May 16 - Take up sidebars p. 146 ; #1-4, p. 150, #1-3, p. 155 & #1-5, p, p. 156.  We are a bit behind on the videos and PowerPoint material.  I plan to look at some more of the PowerPoint today, then go onto more from the Canada; A People's History series  ("Material from Canada; A People’s History (“A Question of Equality,” “A Changing Face,”and “The Computer Moves In” and questions). Read pp. 157-172. Do #2-4, p. 158, #2-6, p. 167, & #1-5, p. 172.