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February 14-18

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This blogsite will have all of the changing material -- lesson plans and links to assignments. I will try to ensure that all assignments are posted here.If you see something underlined, it means that you can click on the item to have it appear. I will do this for all pdf documents, PowerPoints, videos, and even some music.

Social Studies 8

Expect a unit test, on February 23. It will be based on map reading and the use of Canadian Oxford World Atlas (7th edition). We will also have a number of quizzes worth from 5-30 marks throughout the unit. You will not always be warned ahead of time about quizzes -- so it is important to keep up.

If you are struggling, be sure to see me outside of class for extra help!

National Geographic has some nice overview PowerPoints for this unit. See Map Elements and Map Skills.

  • Monday, February 14 - Hand in School to Home map. Take up any problems with military grid. Take up the Letter/Number Grid Worksheet. Latitude introduction. Geographical Essentials, pp. 32-35. Key lines of latitude and why we have seasons -- see the video Geography Seasons for this. Introduction video to Latitude and Longitude - with questions. Note: you need to login to Discovery Education's streaming video site to do this. Mr. Benoy posts the access code in the classroom. Complete the Latitude #1 worksheet for homework.
  • Tuesday, February 15 - Mr. Nann is covering for me today as I am hosting a speaker, Gwynn Dyer, for the grade 11 & 12 students (hopefully we will get him back again when you are seniors!). Take up any problems with Latitude #1 . Countries memory game. Review video on seasons and important lines of latitude. Quiz on important lines of latitude. Hand in quiz. Pick up and start working on Latitude #2 worksheet -- to be completed for homework.
  • Wednesday, February 16 - Watch GEG-103-OL: Latitude and Longitude. (If this video is a bit difficult for you, watch the following quick videos at home: What Causes the Seasons on Earth, Absolute vs Relative Location and Latitude & Longitude.) Demonstration of latitude and longitude using Google Earth. Complete the Longitude worksheet for next class.
  • Thursday, February 17 - Memory game - another variation on the countries list. Take up the Longitudeworksheet. Social Studies Latitude and Longitude Race - Join into groups of 3 or 4 people -- complete the handout before any other group in the class. Earth Grid worksheet - complete for homework.
  • Friday, February 18 - Take up the Earth Gridworksheet. Watch Longitude & Time Zones and The Remarkable Story of the Discovery of Longitude by Dr. Callahan . (If you have the time and interest, why not also look at Cambridge University's video The Longitude Problem.) Introduction to time zones. See Geographical Essentials, pp. 48-54 and watch this short clip on the International Time Zone. Time Zones worksheet. Complete for homework. If you get a chance, and want to get clearer about time zones, watch GEG-103-OL: Time Zones. A very helpful description of longitude and time zones can be found at this site from Iowa State University, which quizzes you as you work through it.
Social Studies 11

This class has the honour of working with our UBC student teacher, Mr. Nann. He will be with us for about half of the term and will begin work with this class on day 2. I will be in and out of the class, but I am always available for extra help, before school, at noon (except Wednesdays) and after school. Take advantage of the extra help available this semester!

Mr. Nann's blogsite is at:

History 12

You must be sure to visit The History Guide for excellent background material supporting this course.

The Topic #2 test will likely be on February 24. We seem to be running a little quicker than I initially thought. If we finish the unit earlier than expected, the test and work due date will remain the same, but I will start the next unit early. With a shortened semester (longer Spring Break), I need to

For supplemental material to this unit, go to my Topic #2 webpage. If you have the time, be sure to look at some of the videos on my recommended Google video and You tube sheet.

  • Monday, February 14 - Complete the run-up to World War I. Causes of the war and reasons for peace in 1914 - base notes. We will watch as much as possible of the video The Guns of August, based on the book of the same name by Barbara Tuchman -- the best account of Europe on the eve of the Great War (sorry, it seems unavailable online).
  • Tuesday, February 15 -Introductory video & music. Debrief Gwynn Dyer talk. Lecture material for 1914, The Opening Phases of the War (base notes). I expect we may also manage to get into Stalemate - 1915-1916 (base notes).
  • Wednesday, February 16 - Introduction - Mr. Benoy's slides of the Western Front. Complete any material from 1915-1916 (base notes) and look at Exhaustion; 1917 (base notes).
  • Thursday, February 17 - Introductory music - The Corries:The Green Fields of France and Callin Doon the Line by Alan Brydon. Complete 1917 (base notes) if we did not do so on Tuesday. 1918 -War's End (base notes - 1918). Be sure to look at the BBC's animated map of World War I. Another very good summary of the war's events can be found at World War One: 1914 - 1918 Map - This provides a fine description of the big events of the war and is superb summary material.
  • Friday, February 18 - Introduction - a selection of First World War popular songs from Mr. Benoy's hard drive. Total War; the German Experience (base notes).