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November 19-23

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Comparative Civilizations 12

The Middle Ages unit test will be this Tuesday -- allowing extra time for test writers during lunch break -- if it is needed.  Your Romance and Reality (Gothic Age) package is due by 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday or before school on Thursday -- I will need Tuesday night to mark your tests, so likely could not get to package marking until the following day.  We also will not get much or any class time to work on the package on Monday as we make up for losing last Friday's class.

The mark breakdown is as follows: 10 slide identification items (2 marks each), requiring you to name the work and say what city it can be found in - give the country for 1/2 a mark; Church Floorplan and nave elevation parts identification (1 mark each), 40 multiple choice questions (1 mark each); 2 from a choice of 3 illustration interpretation questions (6 marks each). The total value of the test is, therefore, 82 marks. This unit test covers everything from Islamic Civilization to the end of the Gothic Age.

History 12 

Since we are testing on Wednesdays -- to allow for extra writing time, if needed -- our next exam will be Wednesday, November 27.  This does mean that we will begin the next unit long before we test this one, however.  Expect to begin looking at the Cold War, starting, probably,  this Thursday.

Expect this test to have, roughly, the following breakdown: 75 multiple choice items (1 mark each -- note, this is slightly longer than indicated last week!); 5 map items (1 mark each); 2 out of 3 long answer options (12 marks each). The total is, therefore, out of 104 marks).

Topic #4 Plan. Note that the plan is slightly off already -- having been prepared a week before we started the new unit. Tentatively the end date for the unit remains the same. This will be re-evaluated in a couple of weeks.

Topic #4 Questions.

Topic #5 and 6 Plan. -- note, to ensure we have enough classes to complete course content, we will run units 5 and 6 into one -- "The Cold War" and we will not waste a block for a unit test as this material will form a significant part of the final exam that we write at the end of the course in any case.  These questions will also be submitted in two parts.  Questions #1-62 will come in at the end of the first week in January (marked out of 35) and the remainder are due on the last day of classes (marked out of 15).

Topic #5 and 6 questions

Note:  Essay #2 will be due any time up until the end of the first week in December.  Essay #3 will be assigned at that time.

  • Monday, November 19 - Complete lecture on World War II; The British Experience (base notes).  If we complete this today we may begin Shoah/the Holocaust (PowerPointbase notes).  If you were not in my grade 11 classes last year -- or even if you were, it is well worth watching Frontline's Memories of the Camps video.
  • Tuesday, November 20 - Complete Shoah/the Holocaust (PowerPointbase notes). If time, we will begin watching The World At War; Genocide (part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5.) 
  • Wednesday, November 21 -  Complete any material from last class.  Wartime Conferences (base notes).
  • Thursday, November 22 - Complete material on theWartime Conferences (base notes). We are likely to begin the lecture on The Origins of the Cold War (base notes) and PowerPoint.
  • Friday, November 23 - Watch Video: Cold War Confrontation from the 20th Century History Series.  Watch the first video from CNN's outstanding Cold War series - Comrades; 1917-1945
Social Studies 11 

The next unit test is coming soon -- expect it next Thursday, to allow both blocks extra writing time if needed.   The mark breakdown is most likely to be as follows: 45 multiple choice questions (1 mark each), 5 definitions (2 marks each) and 3 from a choice of 5 long answer questions (6 marks each). The total is, therefore, out of 73 marks. 5 bonus marks are available if you submit more than 25 flash cards done as required.