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January 20-24

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This blog provides lesson plans for each week.  Look ahead to see where we are going.  Look back to see what you might have missed. All assignments are provided here.  If anything is underlined, click on it to bring up the document or, in the case of videos, link to an online version of what was scheduled for seeing in class or as enrichment.
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Social Studies 8 

Your final exam in Social Studies 8 is Wednesday, January 22 in Block 1 -- at 8:30 a.m. The block ends at 11:20 and you must complete it in the time allowed -- unless you have special provisions through an IEP. Some of you are writing in alternate locations because of IEP provisions.  You have all been informed of where you should go. 

bonus assignment is  available to help you boost your mark before the final exam. Look at it and follow the instructions.   You need to hand this work in on or by the Friday of this week to ensure that it is taken into account in your final class mark.

Your final lexam will have 100 multiple choice questions. 1 paragraph question worth 12 marks (from a choice of 2 items) and one longer answer question worth 18 marks from a selection of 9 topics.  The total value is, therefore 130 marks, but the real value is 20% of your final grade in Social Studies 8.

 Expect your next test to be next Tuesday, January 21 - the last regular day of classes.  Because this is first block in the day, you may only have 5 additional minutes to complete the test when the block ends.  Expect 20 multiple choice questions (1 mark each), 2 groups of 5 matching questions (10 marks total) and a choice of 2 from 3 long answer questions (6 marks each). The total value is, therefore, 42 marks and you can earn 3 bonus marks from 25 flash cards. No electronics are permitted when writing the exam.

  • Monday, January 20 - Take up #1-8, p. 130. Watch Ancient Warriors; The Samuraipart 1part 2. 1. What were the Samurai? 2. How were the Samurai similar to Medieval European Knights? How were they different? Study for the Unit Test tomorrow and the final exam on Wednesday -- from 8:30 to 12:20 a.m.
  • Tuesday, January 21 -  Final Unit Test - India/China/Japan. Review for final exam on Wednesday.  Work on bonus assignments or complete missed assignments.
  • Wednesday, January 22 - Final Exam -- from 8:30 to 10:00.  Bring a book or something to read if you finish early.  No electronics may be brought into the exam.
  • Thursday, January 23 - No Class today.
  • Friday, January 24 - Bonus Day.  You can redo a poorly done test from earlier in the year; hand in missing work; or do one or more bonus opportunities.  Bring reading material in case you finish everything early.
Social Studies 11 

Even though it is getting a little long in the tooth, we will use our locally developed text book for the heart of the Geography unit (in fact the content was written about the same time as most of the material in the Blue text -- given that it takes about 2-3 years to get a book from the writing to the publishing stage).  The main advantage of the local text is that you can access it online at  21st Century World . Just click on the title to access the table of contents and go to what you want from there.

***Here is a set of summary notes for the Social Studies 11 course -- excellent for use in studying for the final exam. 

***Here is another, shorter, set of notes for the Social Studies 11 course.

***Here is a much more thorough webpage of review materials. 

Find another set of notes on the Counterpoints text at:

Be sure to look at past exam material to get comfortable with the format.  Go to

To see how to approach the essay questions, look at this document provided to train markers of the exam. Link from my web page on writing the SS11 final, and also see my PowerPoint on how to approach the test.

  • Monday, January 20 - Take up #1, p. 118, #1-4, p. 118, #1-3, p. 120 and #1-5, p. 123.  Watch Gwynne Dyer being interviewed about his book Climate Wars on the effects of Climate Change on world conflict.  While watching, take notes on 1) Why is climate change likely to lead to conflict? and 2) Why is climate change more dangerous than most people realize?  Worldmapper animation.  Continue ch. 4 PowerPoint.  Read pp. 123-132. Do #1-3, p. 129, #1-2, p. 131, #1-4, p. 132 and Further Thought #1-6, p. 132.
  • Tuesday, January 21 - Take up #1-3, p. 129, #1-2, p. 131, #1-4, p. 132 and Further Thought #1-6, p. 132. Begin Chapter 5 PowerPoint Watch the amazing Dr. Hans Rosling's presentation at the 2006 TED Conference - The Seemingly Impossible is Possible. If you liked Hans Rosling, try William McDonough's TED lecture.   Study for the Final Exam on Monday.
  • Wednesday, January 22 -  Take up homework.  Finish the Chapter 5 PowerPoint.  Complete any video material not done on Tuesday.  Examination Preparation -- How to write the Provincial Exam.
  • Thursday, January 23 - No Class today.
  • Friday, January 24 - Examination Preparation.
History 12 

Be sure to watch all of the Cold War video series.  This is absolutely the best account of the Cold War on film. We saw the first episode and episode 7 and will see some in class, but cannot take the time to look at all of them.  Here are the links:

Episode 1 - Comrades; 1917-1945.
Episode 4 - Berlin; 1948-1949.
Episode 5 - Korea; 1950-1953.
Episode 6 - Reds; 1947-1953.
Episode 8 - Sputnik; 1949-1961.
Episode 9 - The Wall; 1958-1963.
Episode 10 Cuba; 1959-1962.
Episode 11 Vietnam; 1954-1968.
Episode 14 Red Spring; 1960s
Episode 15 China; 1949-1972.
Episode 16 Detente; 1969-1975.
Episode 18 Backyard; 1954-1990.
Episode 19 Freeze; 1977-1981.
Episode 21 Spies; 1944-1994.
Episode 22 Star Wars; 1981-1988.

Topic #5 and 6 Questions.

Here is the final essay, Essay #3 -- due at the end of the first week in January.  If you have not handed it in yet, get it in pronto.

Your final exam is in class on Thursday, January 23.  Expect the breakdown of marks to be as follows:  100 multiple choice questions, one long answer question based on using documents that you are given and your own background knowledge and an essay question -- you choose from four options.

Social Studies 11 (Honours) 

Sorry folks, there is no time for a unit test on the post-war unit as we lose a class with the exam on Monday.  However, you obviously must study this material for the final.

  • Monday, January 20 - Take up #1-4, p. 176, #2-4, p. 182, and 2-5, p. 187.  Watch"Vive le Quebec Libre," "October Crisis", the "Choice" - questions.  Continue PowerPoint,   The Quiet and Not-So-Quiet Revolution.   Read pp. 191- 194. Do #1,2, 4 & 5, p. 194.
  • Tuesday, January 21 - Take up #1,2, 4 & 5, p. 194.  Finish PowerPoint The Quiet and Not-So-Quiet Revolution if we did not do so on MondayIf we get a chance to start it, we will begin the PowerPoint: "Land Claims and the Indian Act."  Read pp. 201-207. Do #1-5, p. 204 and 1-5, p. 206.
  • Wednesday, January 22 - No Class today.
  • Thursday, January 23 - Take up #1-5, p. 204 and 1-5, p. 206.  Begin PowerPoint - "Land Claims and the Indian Act." Read pp. 208-216. Do the sidebar on p. 211 & #1-2, p. 213 and #2-6, p. 216.  Any remaining time will be used for examination preparation.
  • Friday, January 24 - No Class today.