Friday, January 24, 2014

January 27-31

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We have completed our courses and have written final exams in all but Social Studies 11 -- which has a Provincial examination on Monday.

All text books must be returned by Monday morning or bills will be prepared and will go out with report cards.  You must return the exact books that you signed out in class.

Missing assignments must be submitted by the end of Monday to ensure that work can be marked in time to use for the final reporting period.  Students who are currently failing will be able to submit work during later review and completion times.

Review and Completion:

This week we have blocked out time for review and completion.  Students are expected to select sessions that meet their needs.  Anyone who has outstanding assignments must ensure that they are completed and handed in asap.  Students with passing grades need to get them in by the end of Monday's class.  Failing students can have until longer in the week.

All Social Studies students in Mr. Benoy's class were given an opportunity to book a re-test of something they did not do as well as they wanted earlier in the year.  Because of logistical issues (exams must be pulled, printed and sent to teachers supervising review and completion sessions), I will only allow this for students who submitted a written request by January 24.  Failing students may request a retest by 4:00 p.m. Monday, January 27 -- at the very latest.

With over 40 retests currently booked (most of them being different tests and all of them needing hand marking), report cards to write, and a new semester to prepare for, with normal preparation time lost to the new end of semester system, do not expect any further breaks to be granted.

Scholarship Workshop 

Click here to access the PowerPoint which will form the basis of my presentation to interested students about the scholarship application process.

This session is based on material I present to Sutherland's 86% Club.  

All students who signed up for the session in advance are guaranteed a place.  Grade 11 students and grade 12's who have not attended the Club are given second priority placement.  Other students are welcome to attend if there is still space after that -- on a first-come-first-served basis.

Thanks to all of this year's students for a great second from last semester.  Good luck in your new classes in February!